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  1. I'm paying them £1 a month as the CCCS advised - just written to all my cards to check they all have enforceable agreements. So far they are all complying apart from barclaycard. thanks!
  2. Hi i think i am a couple of steps behind you in same kind of circus with barclaycard/mercer etc. I keep writing for my CCA - signed copy, they keep sending me a copy of what they allege i have signed. Does this ever end? I had 7 text messages from Mercer in the space of time it took me to take a shower earlier. I have actually answered one of their calls - told the lady i was paying £1 a month, told her it would be paid through my bank on 15th and she said 'ok, sorry to have bothered you' - HUH?? i don't believe that's the end of that for one millisecond! I haven't got to the point of saying that i don't believe that a signed agreement exists yet but i guess that part is inevitable. Reading other peoples experiences is keeping me sane though!! thanks!
  3. I have just had the executed agreement My name and address at the top Then a box that says 'this is a credit agrement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. SIgn it only if you wish to be legally bound by it's terms' Signature of customer (blank) Please tick this box (ticked) I confirm that the tick in this box is a valid means of establishing the authenticity and integrity of my signature to this credit agreement. i understand MBNA will hyold this acceptance data on their files. Date of signature 25/2/2009 I only asked for it cos i couldn't remember ever signing anything. Is this enforceable? Many thanks
  4. BambiBaby

    Egg CCA

    sorry to hijack but who do i write to to reqwest my egg cca and is there a template letter i can use? i have looked but can't see one - any help appreciated thanks B
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