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  1. I will do I have placed the letter will all the receipts and F&F letters etc from all the debts on our DMP when we cleared that off. I will keep an eye on the credit file as experian are already investigating that entry so just waiting for a reply from them and then see if Lowell or experian remove it.
  2. Ok I've typed up the stat barred template letter with intention of posting it today but postie brought a letter this morning from Lowell stating that they have looked into my account and noticed that it is indeed stat barred and they have close my account and that they will no longer contact me with regards to this account.
  3. Just checked my credit file and they have put a entry up under the name of gothia ltd. with a default date of 12/04/2011? I have called experian and stated this to them and they have opened up an investigation as the debt apparently was on my file from 2003-2009. It has now been opened up as a fresh debt under my old address that I moved from in dec 2012.
  4. Hi, I've constantly started receiving letters, calls and texts from these cowboys. The letters state that I owe £400.28p for a Capital One credit card that as far as I'm aware I have never had. They state that the debt is from 2003? (10 years ago) and was taken out at an address I have never lived at (address is my mums address and she moved into their after I moved out of home at 19. Address was used as a billing address for about 6 months about 8 years ago). They have just informed me after I refused to discuss the matter over the phone that they had a conversation
  5. Hey guys, I had a default on my credit file about 6 months ago. I called them and cleared the debt. They have marked my credit file as satisfied which is fine but now every month for the last five months they have been updating my credit file each month as default but with a £0 balance. Are they able to do this and why are they doing this? One other thing! When are defaults removed from the CRA? Is it the default date or the satisfied date?
  6. Then what? The letter states I only have 1 month to appeal to the overpayment request. It could take that just to get the sar information.
  7. Hey guys, I return seeking your expert advice. I received a letter today from DWP stating that I have to repay overpayments from march 2012. The letter states that I owe £780.76 from date period 28/03/2012-29/06/2012. It then says that it occurred because on 28/03/2012 my circumstances changed and the office that paid my benefit was "not told at the correct time" that I was in receipt of another benefit. The benefit in question is carers allowance and I am no longer receiving ESA. I made a claim for ESA on 14th May 2012 due to me currently being off sick at the
  8. No she actually wrote a reply to the message saying thankyou for informing her and wishing us good luck in the new place. I don't have her home address to post anything to her.
  9. Just my damn luck. 3 weeks before we move out and one of the kitchen cabinets fall off of the wall
  10. We deal with landlord directly now so it was by email of which she replied to. So I'll take the reply as read and confirmed receipt.
  11. Ok great. Thank for your help. I put my notice in on the 16th of nov so I should be good to be out by Xmas.
  12. I'm staring at my AST contract now and the tenancy termination date was 22nd April 2010. Rent due date was originally 23rd of month but my payday changed with a new job so I paid difference to change rent date to the 11th. First 3 lines of AST contract states: Tenancy start date: 23rd June 2007 Current tenancy start date: 23rd October 2009 Tenancy terminates: 22nd April 2010
  13. Tenancy started 22nd July 2007 and has been on a SPT since 2010 and was an AST for 12 months. We renewed in 09 for another 12 months but have not renewed since. So basically even if I move out on 16th Dec I have to pay rent until 10th Jan even if I surrender property early and give back keys by 16th Dec?
  14. Hi all, I privately rent at the moment and have just been offered a place through a housing association. Need some advice on what to do with my final months rent. My rent here is paid on the 11th of each month. We've waited 7 months for the HA to deal with squatters and let us view the place. My LL has been made aware of this for months. The HA calls me on the 15th of this month with an hours notice and asks if I can go an view. I wasn't too happy with the short notice but went. When I viewed the place they inform me that they want my tenancy to start on the 26th Nov (11 days time)
  15. Ok great. I'll type up a letter in the morning and get it in the afternoon post.
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