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  1. The law states it is your responsibility as the RK to inform DVLA of the change of keeper. As the vehicle went to an insurance company you should have filled out the V5C/3 (the yellow part) to inform DVLA that the vehicle had gone to the trade. As you did not do this, and you relied on a third party to do it for you, I doubt you will be able to defend this successfully.
  2. The burden of proof lies with the retailer when the date of sale was less than six months previous. It is up to the retailer to prove that the goods were not faulty at the point of sale. This is known as "the reversed burden of proof". OP check out the amendments to the Sales of Goods Act (EC Directive 1999/44/EC) that came into force on 31st March 2003.
  3. Hi. I agree with you, for your own peace of mind it is best to inform any purchaser of the vehicle's history. If the vehicle has been repaired correctly (which it does appear so) there is no reason why it shouldn't give anybody another few years of reliable service. We send vehicles to auction on a weekly basis and in my experience if the car looks right the fact that it's a total loss doesn't make a great deal of difference to the price. Sometimes it makes no difference at all. So the garages that have offered you less than half the market value have been a tad cruel I would say. Mind you you may have an unrealistic vision of what the market value is.
  4. Of course you are, because you have none of them do you? So why are you on this forum claiming that fiat currency is bad? You have the love of your family and friends, your health and freedom so why do you keep bleating that the world is corrupt? You have everything you want don't you? No, I never said that. But the jealous streak in you suggested to yourself that's what I said. I have thankyou. I have houses, I have cars. Great isn't it? It all comes from my hard work. That jealous streak's showing again isn't it? Try and keep it under control. A bit like those benefit cheats eh? They step on everybody. I have no problem with that, so that's ok. BTW. Your Tesco analogy fails miserably. Now, I understand when you read it on another website it impressed you greatly, and I do give you credit for changing "Walmart" to "Tesco" but you have failed to give it any thought (like everything else you have posted) and have forgotten to consider one very important point. When you arrive at the checkout at Tesco the very pleasant till assistant does not insist that you purchase everything in their store. Indeed they may ask you if there's anything else you require but at no point do they force you to buy up the shop. However, unfortunately for you there is a large body of people who will insist that you obey statutory law. You may not like it, you may disagree with it, you may kick and scream, but they have very large sticks that means they will get their own way. They are willing to force you. They are willing to use their batons on you, and if necessary they are willing to use their tasers on you, and if you are a very naughty boy they will use their guns on you. It's not quite the same as shopping at Tescos.
  5. peace2K wrote: So that is your reasoning as to why a criminal court is an admiralty court? You have not mentioned anything to do with the system of law we have in place but offer a few words that end in "port". Because the word "passport" ends in "port" that proves a criminal court is an admiralty court? Why? Yes ships sail the seas in commerce. What has that got to do with a criminal court and why does that prove criminal courts are admiralty courts? So because goods are "transported" that means criminal courts are admiralty courts? Please explain your reasoning behind this. You say "there's so much more" but you don't offer it. I'm sure with that reasoning you've convinced everybody here that courts are admiralty:rolleyes: I notice you mention that taxes are an illusion for keeping the poor under control. This is what fotl always without fail boils down to: JEALOUSY It's the "have nots" crying in their milk because they see the "haves" with their wealth and nice cars and nice houses. Well tough. So you're poor, so what? Those "haves" have worked hard for their nice things and will always have them, whilst people like yourself will never have anything. Because you don't have the inclination to make something of your life that's your problem, not mine. I couldn't care less. Best you get used to it. Nothings gonna change there me old mate.
  6. I am pleased that you appear to have found a soloution to your problem. Try to negotiate with the dealer to obtain the best posible price for yourself. I don't doubt it. I never once said you weren't I bet you don't really. I'm sure you are pleased you were in your twenties when you were. What do kids know? When they're your age they will have moved on to something else.
  7. I agree. Where DVLA is concerned, everything in writing.
  8. To be honest, if you've had three years trouble free motoring from the vehicle and there is no evidence that the vehicle has ever been unroadworthy due to it's previous damage there is hardly the basis for an argument that you have been sold a "dodgy motor". It could be argued had you known at the point of purchase the vehicle's status you may have chosen not to buy the car, but to be truthful you should always ask the vendor of any vehicle, private or trade, whether the vehicle has ever been subject to being an insurance total loss. And of course before handing over any money HPI the vehicle yourself. But, it appears the car has actually done what you wanted it to do, and given you no trouble, up to now that is. You could 'phone your local auction and explain you wish to sell the vehicle and ask them in their opinion how much they would expect it to make and the cost of them selling it. Choose a national auction with many branches around the country. They cost more, but the cars make more. Often they will do a deal on the commission but only if you ask. Small independent auctions normally produce poor results.
  9. A Freeman is offered pay his council tax or do some jail time. He chose to pay up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9NWDZx5T2A Another example where the fotl woo fails. The problem is that they have invented their own version of law which bears no resemblance to the legal system that is in place. They will always fail, not because the judiciary are corrupt but because they are wrong. The sad thing is though, even when their mistake is pointed out to them they still believe they are right. But, it must be understood when you get amongst them as I have been doing for the purpose of my own research, many in the movement have a history of mental health issues and indeed talk about their health problems. So to be fair many that are involved with fotl are vulnerable people.
  10. danielr wrote: Actually you are correct. FOTL believe when their vessel (their body) enters a court if they don't step into the dock (wet) their vessel remains on dry land and the court has no jurisdiction. They believe we are tricked into stepping off dry land into the sea and then the judges (captains of the ship) can exercise their authority over you. Don't forget this peace2K Why in your opinion is a criminal court an admiralty court?
  11. Hi. I'm having trouble reading your posts with that texting stuff. Not all of us here are under twenty five. Perhaps if you made your posts more clear others would be more willing to help. I would suggest you HPI the vehicle yourself, so that you know it's a Cat C and not a Cat D. However you will find not all Cat Cs from five years ago are noted on the V5c. I would also suggest that by you buying the vehicle privately you have no recourse with the seller, unless when purchasing you specifically asked the vendor if the vehicle had ever been written off. There is no onus on the seller to divulge that information unless asked by the purchaser. It would appear the vehicle was repaired to a professional standard and has given you trouble free service and was never in a dangerous condition. I would suggest you continue to use it until you find a replacement. I am not aware that an insurance company HPIs vehicles when you apply for cover. They probably are unaware that the vehicle is a total loss. True they may have paid out on it in the past, but I would imagine that would be of no concern to them. However, if I am reading you correctly (txt spk no good) I do feel the garage who is taking the vehicle in part ex is, to put it bluntly, shafting you. They will in all probability send the vehicle to auction where they will be obliged to declare the vehicle as a total loss. Depending on the make, model and condition of the vehicle it is unlikely to devalue the car in auction by two thousand pounds. A normal small hatchback on an 05 plate would probably make between five hundred to eight hundred pounds less. Sometimes it will make hardly any difference if the vehicle has been repaired well and shows no signs of previous damage. I suggest you shop around and see what other garages are willing to offer you. You may as well be upfront and inform them it's a write off because they will HPI the vehicle before completing the transaction.
  12. Well try, then. You claim you are going to answer points and then go and make three more posts that have nothing to do with those points. You're floundering because you don't have the knowledge and cannot answer. Your ramblings are not making you appear more clever, it is having the opposite effect. So let's start with an easy one, if you need time to go and ask one of your elders what to type that's fine. Why in your opinion is a criminal court an admiralty court? Please don't answer with references to child abuse, fiat currency, prisons, conformity, or slaves, just address that particular question.
  13. Hi. Your post is a trifle confusing. Are you saying you've owned the vehicle for three years? The garage who are taking it in part exchange will still take the car won't they? What is it you require help with?
  14. peace 2K's gonads do not consent to a contract with Conniff's boot. However, Conniff's boot does consent to a contact with peace2K's gonads.
  15. Sorry, peace you're becoming quite boring now. Your inability to debate any theory put forward by yourself or back anything up at all and you total avoidance of answering any questions suggests to me that you have a very limited knowledge of fotl, and dare I say I know much more about it than you do.
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