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  1. As an update, I had forgotten the period they had charged me for my mother living with me in 2003 - after she died from cancer in 2000. There is a history of the council's erratic updating methods as well as being economical with the truth. I guess I shall have to sue.
  2. Hello, Ruby, So Housing Benefit wrote to you stating they had made an overpayment to your rent account and was seeking recovery for this amount? Did they recover the amount of overpayment directly from the Rent Account in one lump sum? If they recovered the money directly from the Rent Account, was it this action of theirs that led your Rent Account to be in arrears? Are they now taking money from the Rent Account after they have reclaimed their overpayment? If the answers to the above is ‘yes’ and Housing Benefit has already reclaimed the overpayment from you
  3. A stalker with hacker capability is a real nightmare! I’m not a ‘techie’ by any means so this is just my personal view but if threats persisted after scanning and quarantine then I would be looking at further options. Wary that my system was compromised, I would purchase a new hard drive and install from scratch, that is my preference but the cost of a hard drive relates to the age of the system and the cost of replacement by someone with technical know-how. New Hard drives can start from around £30 online. If replacing the hard drive is not an option then perhaps there
  4. Hello, Vic, I think you will need a solicitor. I also think you will need a date as to when the council took the land and a search in the land registry should supply this. However I feel you really need a solicitor who specialises in this kind of thing as I understand Scottish Law is different to English Law in some respects. Here is a link to the Law Society of Scotland http://www.lawscot.org.uk/ Sorry I can’t advise you further, maybe some legal-minded person will come along who will be able to help you more. Good luck, understanding
  5. Hi ya, Ruby, Although you do not say which department sent you the letter initially, my first suggestion would be to write a recorded delivery letter to all departments concerned. Explain the situation as it has happened and supply each of them with full information as you have it, i.e. dates and names of whom you spoke with in telephone conversations as well as in person (if you have it) and what was said. Ask them each to supply you with a full breakdown of the account including all payments made as well as full details of amounts being taken from the account and by whom.
  6. Yes, Nobnob, I think that is the problem which means they never took on board my telephone calls asking them to delete the names from the C.T. Benefits Award which affects the amount of my C.T. liability. And that itself is a problem. I have gone through every single C.T. demand and roughly checked the C.T. Benefit Award for the same periods and there is a common theme – overpayment from the benefit award department to the council tax department. The first time it happened they had the names of all residents and full details of income yet they still applied a single person’s discou
  7. Hi, Cartaphilus, How are you? I have been busy trying to sort out a new printer as my old one couldn’t handle the strain of photocopies, lol. To be sure there is something wrong somewhere and I suspect they are shifting the blame on to me. They have tried to do this before when I first moved into the property where they issued a Magistrates Summons whilst in the MIDDLE of my investigation as to what was going on and despite my appeals to do so which led to solicitors etc. Not a route I particularly wanted to go down again but it seems I may have no choice. I am certain they
  8. Hello, Nobnob, I have been in touch with the council with a query and am waiting to hear from them now.
  9. ooh I can see my posts Well this morning I am editing the S.A.R. slightly, I hope it is worded correctly and also the request for breakdown of costs, which should give me a week to prepare for the court summons. I shall also post a registered letter to the council with my legal request for breakdown of costs for the charges brought onto the summons. I shall also read up the info you kindly provided, Cartaphilus and certainly the ombudsman will be a step in this action I intend to take against the council. Today I shall be searching through ten years of files and phone rece
  10. That article is an eye-opener, dx100uk. It took almost two million victims BEFORE the CPS decided to enter the 21st Century by producing guidelines. Apathy is something that needs to be battled every day it seems to me, no matter where you are.
  11. hello, babybear39, I'm going to google you ^^ What genre do you write? I dabble a little here and there and now I hope to have time to write for real.
  12. Oh, I am so glad it wasn't something serious, lottiesnan Hot lemon water with a slice of orange for breakfast and a mustard hot water bath for the feet at night-time – the mustard bath used to be an old remedy for colds and flu during late 18th century apparently. I tried it once when I was a child, eager to see what would happen yet all I got was a horrible smell wafting up from the steam. I put in a whole tin of ‘Colman’s Mustard’ into the bowl of water – ewww.
  13. whoohoo - I can be seen 8) another good freeware software for the pc is ccleaner from periform. What it does is clean your browser (and even registry etc if wanted) of anything that could pose a threat after internet use. http://www.piriform.com/ have a look see and try it out pm me if you want, Cartaphilus and if you ever need an ‘ear’, well, I got two. I enjoyed our 'chat' and thank you for showing concern over my situation. Have a good night.
  14. good idea - yeah I can't seem to post a message on the council forum all of sudden
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