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  1. My fitted fridge freezer broke down after only 3 years so I contacted Wickes through thier social media and was ignored (I know not best way). I decided to go into the store I purchased from to ask them to help me out. They stated as it was out of manufacturers warranty I would need to contact AEG. I asked if they were sure because "my contract is with Wickes" and they told me "no you have to contact AEG". My next step was to contact their customer service department which I did by way of a letter template from Which as below. They then replied with
  2. I sent a Say years ago and they said they had no record of me.
  3. I just received a cheque from Blackhorse completely out of the blue. I wrote to them many years ago and the just told me they had no record of my account. It was a finance loan and I wasn't sure if I took ppi or not. Anyone else had this?
  4. weird eh. Website takes me to Resolver which states: If you have previously made a PPI mis-selling claim and been rejected, then you may be able to make a separate claim under the Plevin ruling. If you have previously had a successful claim for mis-sold PPI and had money returned to you then you are not eligible for another claim. They say in my letter I was rejected but I was paid out on a Tomlin order but they always said I was not miss sold PPI.
  5. I have the same letter and I did already get a payout from them when I took it practically to the doors of the court!! I have updated my thread too!! https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?307079-Are-Capital-1-contacting-customers-***WON***
  6. Holy thread revival batman!!!! I received a letter from Capital One today stating " You, or someone acting on your behalf, complained to us previously about our sale of your PPI policy. We rejected the complaint because your policy was not mis-sold. Following a supreme court decision and new rules and guidance from the FCA, you can now make a new type of complaint to us about the sale of your PPI policy. You could now receive some money back if we took a high level of commission on your PPI ploicy but didnt tell you this............. Its free and simple to complain bla bla bla
  7. I have restrictions on my ebay account as they say my wife abused the buyer protection after sending back only 3 items. they restricted my account for 90 days so I could sell only and now I still have no buyer protection so I cannot raise a claim at all. The would not explain why except they said I had similar buying trends so they couldnt rule out my wife owning both accounts. total load of rubbish. I have 100% positive feedback (391) since 2003 but this doesnt matter apparently. When I buy it still tells me I am protected but if I try and raise a case it says "We're sorry there's an issue
  8. The stress is bothering him now which is not fair. I have said phone union and let them deal with it as it is just going to end up a tit for tat letter writing exercise. Solicitor wants paying for further advice which is expensive and she already said the only thing they could sue for is losses which we believe would not exist as his salary works out at around £165 a day whereas a temp agency teacher costs the school £150 per day. Why anyone would want to force someone to stay is beyond me! One other thing the head states is that it is acting in bad faith to leave early (even though he g
  9. So the plot thickens. Latest news is the head has said "Once an employee gives notice of resignation, it is effective and can only be varied or retracted with their employer's permission. Once notice is served, it is effective." The head also states "We are not obliged to release you early from your notice period. Accelerating your leaving date would have an adverse impact on the school..........bla bla bla". The head then proposes a compromise where he has to go in on afternoons and odd days to help with the Yr 11 exam kids. The last part says that leaving early "will undoubtedly be a
  10. The head will not accept a withdrawal of the original resignation though and previous advice has said they are within their rights to refuse to allow withdrawal hence it being an amendment request. Legal advice received as follows: " Your ‘new contract’ if you had one would be on the same terms as the old, eg. That you could resign provided you did so on notice with the notice ending at certain key points. So, if you are within your old contract provisions for resignation by Easter then that’s not a breach. Even if it were, the issue for the school you would be leaving is what exactly can
  11. This is a strange one and been hard to answer so far. My friend is a teacher and has handed in his notice to finish on Aug 31st (notice period in contract gives latest date of May 31st for Aug finish). This was done before Christmas. His circumstances have now changed and he wanted to change the finish date to April (notice period in contract gives latest date of Feb 28th for April finis). This is still well within the contracted notice period but the employer has said he will have to work his original notice or be sued for breach of contract! Can this be the case? has he effectivly someho
  12. re-worded version. Please find enclosed a letter to invoke the Grievance Procedure. As you are aware I feel I have been bullied by XXX for a considerable length of time. I originally collated the information for the Grievance during the school years of 2011/12 and 2012/13. I postponed submitting it sooner as I was under a lot of stress dealing with the immediate situation, hence being signed off by my GP with work related stress shortly before my leave started. For the sake of my mental wellbeing I took my maternity leave six week earlier than planned. It is now that my maternity lea
  13. Hello all. Long time!!! So my wife decided not to put the grievance in as she was not strong enough mentally and heavily pregnant at the time!!! The time has now come to start thinking about the return to work in Jan 2014. She saw her boss down town last week and wanted to cry. all the feelings are coming back and she feels she cant go back to the same situation. We have sought legal advice and they have said it is bullying and we need to put in the original grievance; justify the lateness with the maternity leave and stress and make it clear that the problem must be resolved before the
  14. OK so I thought I would update this thread. My wife moved her maternity leave forward and is now off on maternity leave. She has informed them she will be off for 52 weeks and does intend to return to work after the birth of her baby but has deferred their maternity payment of 12 wks @ 1/2 pay in case she doesn't return to work (pretty standard stuff). This week her job was advertised externally but not as maternity cover but a full time permanent position! What does employment law say about this? It is highly unlikely that it is a new position as the dept is already at full st
  15. also the meetings she has had have got to the stage of them starting capability in the next 8 days or so so it is already at the stage that it might look like it is unfounded and being brought about to counteract their action. this is also mentioned in their protocol.
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