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  1. Thanks, your right this is a police matter first and foremost. Just have to gather evidence. I have pictures of all the damage so far but didn't have my wifi camera. Still hesitant about bollards but going to look into it.
  2. I guess any sort of obstruction would be deemed to interfere with their right of way as it's quite narrow. If I go to court I don't want to give a lawyer any ammunition. In the deed that split the land in two they were given a pedestrian right of way, this deed is registered with the land registry. I'm hoping any court will see they're ignorance of the right of way and amend the deed. Then I can go to the police with a firm accusation of criminal damage to both my cars.
  3. Yes, they have a pedestrian right of way which I think would stop me from putting any barrier up. This pedestrian right of way splits the two properties apart but because it's not a physical thing like a barrier they ignore it (cross it to get on their drive which has no dropped kerb). They park vans in front of my drive like it's their own, in addition to causing significant damage to my cars so need to do something. It's just such a waste of my time and annoying; on top of the time wasted repairing cars. I've got them on camera driving across the pedestrian right of way to get to
  4. I don't want to antagonise though. A pedestrian right of way (walking space part of my property) separates my drive from theirs so a wall is not an option. They treat this pedestrian right of way as their own by damaging by car etc. From doing research the best course seems to be to get video evidence then prove a causal link with the past instances of damage in court to get back money I've spent in car repair. Problem is this might be country court action not small claims and I worry it may effect the value of my house. Even if I got a court order to force them to acknowledge t
  5. Thanks. Will go with wireless camera to get evidence.
  6. Fence would be knocked down I suspect. I put my dustbins at the top of my drive and they pushed them over to get their car in.
  7. I'm pretty certain they will deny all fault if I go direct to their insurer because the damage is being caused maliciously. I was thinking about paying the council to get their curb changed but I have no idea whether this would bring resolution. I would also need to get a credit card to be able to pay this immediately. Going to this extreme would be sickening but I'd do it if it meant no more problems. I'm not even sure the request to sort out their curb would be accepted because where they park their car the ground is sinking, possibly not fit to park there. Was just a garden bef
  8. They have a very big car that doesn't fit on their drivewway without going across mine. They also have no lowered kerb for their drive, so use mine to get onto theirs. I wrote to them saying that I'm willing to ignore the damage to my car for the sake of peace. However while I'm putting money aside to repair the existing damage from a few weeks ago they damaged my car again. I have a £500 insurance excess and each instance of damage was below that so no benefit in claiming (would also put my insurance up). I think putting CCTV up might make things worse, antagonise and lead to f
  9. The boundary between my property and next door is clearly stated on the filed plan, planning documents (new house), architect docs, garden fence, deeds etc. Still that doesn't stop my neighbour encroaching on my land. They are doing this by menaces, I suspect to get me to make space for them to extend their boundary; damaging my car once a week so I move it basically. As well as all of the aforementioned, the other neighbours are on their side, possibly due to race issues but I hate to think this. This also leads me to believe they're trying to get me to move by duress. I've got valuation
  10. Still it is becoming very common nowadays with council's restrictive parking practices, good to keep the thread going.
  11. I paid for a registration to homeswapper for a friend, cost £7.95 for 3 months which could be paid for by card, paypal, postal order or cheque (I paid with my card). The other day I find out I'm on a futurepay recurring payment agreement so I informed the website and they said there was nothing they could do. Am I within my rights to inform my bank that this is a fraudulent transaction?
  12. Can't find the contract but it was with next generation and then they got taken over by David Lloyd. Their saying if I don't pay them a years membership they will pass the matter on to their debt collectors.
  13. Been with David Lloyd 4 years, moved from the area recently and gave them one months written notice (searching for certificate of posting). They ignored the notice and are now threatening debt collectors if I don't pay up a year's membership. I didn't even know I was on a rolling contract and never signed to that effect or was made aware of such. Is there any simple way to sort this out other than paying them hundreds of pounds for a gym membership I can't use and have already given notice of cancellation for?
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