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  1. Just so I am clear I am unable to make a formal complaint against them to any government organisation right?
  2. I wouldn't either. They don't even bother replying to my emails anymore. Just had the initial one at the start asking for my bank statement!
  3. Ok will get this done. I really can't afford to loose this case as that CCJ will hurt my credit for the next 6 years. Is there anything else I can take? I was thinking of taking a land registry search to show the owner of the house is my Dad.
  4. Have all ready sent that in from my Dad's side to confirm that he is the one liable and not myself. Although it was just a letter and not in the format of a Witness statement . Does that make a difference shall I get it done again?
  5. He is named and will be beneficial to me but this will just delay things as he is working abroad till August this year. Suggestions??
  6. So would my dad need to attend the hearing too? I thought this would be hearing to see if I am liable and not to see if the Electrican has a valid claim. I would have thought that would come later once the defendant has been established.
  7. So is this good or bad for me? I would have thought that since he got the names, address and the person wrong it would be written off.
  8. Sorry I am not that good at legal stuff. So what does "reserve the claim" mean in my situation?
  9. Finally got a letter through for a date and it turns out to be when I am away on holiday. I need to pay another £100 to get the date changed as the other party is not willing to agree on a date change. I really hope I get the CCJ taken off as its cost me £250 all ready when the outstanding amount was £500. He doesn't deserve the funds or it would have been easier to just pay it off. By the way the order states - 1. Name of the defendant is now changed to my name and my fathers name. 2. Reservice is dispensed with. (what does this mean?)
  10. Look forward to it. In the meanwhile does anyone know if I am covered by the cooling off period? Or if I should take this up with my credit card since I did not ask for the product.
  11. I bought a flight on Bravofly which is a lastminute.com company. I did not tick a box that added on a cancellation Insurance policy to my order. Only found out on the confirmation page when they had charged me £30 extra. Emailed them and they replied the following. Isn't there a cooling off period for insurance policies regardless of what the policy is?
  12. So in regards to this case. Will the Claimant be there too? How exactly is this? I have only ever attended at Section 8 eviction at a county court. Will it be a similar informal event?
  13. Is this the normal procedure? Also since this will take 8-12 weeks to get a date what happens to the CCJ on my account? If it goes over 30 days doesn't that become a permanent stamp which is harder to get off?
  14. Did a N244 last week and got a letter today which states that the County court claim has been transferred to my local court and that the court will send me and the other parties notice of the time, date of the hearing. So does this mean I will have to go to court to plead my innocence?
  15. Is there any time limit on this? Can I go over the 7 days period as I am on the road so would rather do this when home next week. Thank you so much for your help.
  16. So this applies to me but I am not asking them to set aside the case due to this reason. I am asking them to set it aside as it has nothing to do with me. So Shall I still get it sent off to them tomorrow?
  17. Thank you for the quick reply. I just swung by my old house and picked up the General directions order. It states that you need to apply within 7 days of the service of this order to set aside or to vary the order under part 23 Rule 10. 7 days was today. What does this mean?
  18. Spoke with the court today and advised that I would like to apply for the claim to be set aside which they have sent me the paperwork for. He did mention that this can take from 4-12 weeks for a decision. My concern on this is that if it goes over 28 days will the CCJ leave a imprint on my Credit history? I have spoken with a few people who all have their horror stores to tell about someone they knew who had a CCJ and then had to contact 3 credit ref agencies to get it taken off which was a painfully long process.
  19. He too says that why should he pay for something that was not done.
  20. 100% nothing to do with me. Thanks. Will fill out the documents.
  21. No. In fact he has two parties on there and the second persons Initial is wrong as no one in my family has that. If I dispute it and win will that leave any trace on my credit record? If I pay it will it leave any trace?
  22. Just spoke with him. He isn't having any of this. Says that I need to discuss with my father and get him to clear the bill. He didn't do the work right so my father is not willing to pay him for it. thats for a court to handle and nothing to do with me. So how do I get my history cleared? If I pay him will that clear my history? Just thinking is it worth spoiling it for £500. Might as well pay it myself but if I do that will it leave a stamp still?
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