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  1. It was a good couple of months back. Can't remember exactly but in brief it was an explanation of why I thought his work was not what I had asked for and of the quality that a new product should be.
  2. Sorry I am not sure what you mean by that? I got a letter from the court that asked for my part of the story and asked me to sign a statement of truth. My question is that in a CCJ case do I need to send any photos that I will be using in court on the day to the other party too?
  3. Finally got this set aside. The judge said that the case will be started afresh against me as the claimant is still adamant that I am jointly liable. I have received the court documents and have replied back to the court with photos to show the quality of work done. Do I need to send the photo's to the claimant too? I have shown him the work wasn't satisfactory before but does he need to see what I will be relying on when I defend the case?
  4. The judge agreed to set judgement aside but corrected the names wanted to claim to be heard again. So what does this mean? When I asked the judge if the CCJ will come off my credit history he said it will be marked as set aside. Does this mean that my credit history goes back to normal now or will I have to build it up again as the score is currently 200 when it used to be 850+. Do I need to do anything to clear the CCJ or is it a automated process?
  5. Got my case in a few days. I had committed to my business partner that I would do a loan of 10,000 into our company by the end of last month. When I applied for a loan to my bank it was rejected due to the CCJ. Even though I have successfully taken out a personal loan from them tons of times. This left me in a very nasty situation so had to beg and borrow some of it and the bank agreed to give me a emergency overdraft for the rest. I am now stuck with extra fees of £300 for this. Will I be given a option by the judge to claim any costs?
  6. To be honest it works out quite well sometimes. The parts were £300 and if I went through BG it would be £360 odd for the year. So £60 extra for a years Insurance.
  7. Took out a British Gas homecare agreement a few months back and paid a £99 initial call out charge where they come out and inspect/fix your boiler and then you pay £22 a month for a minimum of 12 months. If they don't want to take on a boiler they reserve the right to not take on the agreement after the initial inspection. They took on my boiler and 4 months down the boiler has broken down again. The engineer came out today and advised that the boiler is not worth throwing more money at and cancelled my agreement. When I spoke with British Gas they said that the Ferroli no longer supply the parts but I just got off the phone with them and they have plenty in stock. I think its due to the fact that its gonna cost them £400 for the part. (combustion box) Can they do that mid way through a policy as it doesn't suit them?
  8. Just so I am clear I am unable to make a formal complaint against them to any government organisation right?
  9. I wouldn't either. They don't even bother replying to my emails anymore. Just had the initial one at the start asking for my bank statement!
  10. Ok will get this done. I really can't afford to loose this case as that CCJ will hurt my credit for the next 6 years. Is there anything else I can take? I was thinking of taking a land registry search to show the owner of the house is my Dad.
  11. Have all ready sent that in from my Dad's side to confirm that he is the one liable and not myself. Although it was just a letter and not in the format of a Witness statement . Does that make a difference shall I get it done again?
  12. He is named and will be beneficial to me but this will just delay things as he is working abroad till August this year. Suggestions??
  13. So would my dad need to attend the hearing too? I thought this would be hearing to see if I am liable and not to see if the Electrican has a valid claim. I would have thought that would come later once the defendant has been established.
  14. So is this good or bad for me? I would have thought that since he got the names, address and the person wrong it would be written off.
  15. Sorry I am not that good at legal stuff. So what does "reserve the claim" mean in my situation?
  16. Finally got a letter through for a date and it turns out to be when I am away on holiday. I need to pay another £100 to get the date changed as the other party is not willing to agree on a date change. I really hope I get the CCJ taken off as its cost me £250 all ready when the outstanding amount was £500. He doesn't deserve the funds or it would have been easier to just pay it off. By the way the order states - 1. Name of the defendant is now changed to my name and my fathers name. 2. Reservice is dispensed with. (what does this mean?)
  17. Look forward to it. In the meanwhile does anyone know if I am covered by the cooling off period? Or if I should take this up with my credit card since I did not ask for the product.
  18. I bought a flight on Bravofly which is a lastminute.com company. I did not tick a box that added on a cancellation Insurance policy to my order. Only found out on the confirmation page when they had charged me £30 extra. Emailed them and they replied the following. Isn't there a cooling off period for insurance policies regardless of what the policy is?
  19. So in regards to this case. Will the Claimant be there too? How exactly is this? I have only ever attended at Section 8 eviction at a county court. Will it be a similar informal event?
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