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  1. When and who decides that? Also from when are you liable? From the date that the court case is filed or say if now I have received a reply from his Lawyer and I have not done any case yet. So can I be liable for any correspondence right now? I sent him a last letter a couple of weeks back and he has now replied through his lawyer. Just trying to scare me off but I actually wanted to just reply to the Lawyer with my points as we maybe able to settle out of court. But can they bill me for that?
  2. I paid a company to put in a new driveway and they did a very bad job. It is terrible. No responses to phone calls/letters leaves me with no other option. Thats what it will cost me to put it right.
  3. Quick Question - If I take a company to court via the online HMRC county courts service and loose the case will I be liable for any fees? I will be suing the company for under 5k so that will be dealt with by a local county court. I don't want to come to a situation where I have to pay for the other companies Lawyer bills.
  4. He didn't leave any test report but I am sure I can get one from him as he did it as a favor when he was working at my house at the same time. He might charge me for this now though. If I get an Independent report to suggest that it was not the plug that caused it who pays for that? I am sure that will cost 40-50 quid when the microwave is worth 100.
  5. Basically the Microwave's plug didn't fit into the gap behind it so I had a electrician cut the wire and put a new plug on. Now 3 months on the microwave made a bang and let out smoke. Curry's say that they can't take it back as I have changed the plug on it. What are my rights?
  6. I am not allowed to post links as my post count is below 20. But let me try it this way ehow.co.uk / about _5529133_credit-charge-constitute-acceptance-contract. html Yeah that seemed to have worked, just put in the w's and take out the spaces.
  7. I had read online that once the credit card is charged the contract is made? How about harrasment?
  8. Have been a big fan of LV for years but their recent treatment has left me pondering. I ordred a bag which was not available online for weeks and they accepted my payment and charged my card. A day later I got a email from them which I thought was quite rude Thats it! Nothing else! So I called up customer services who then advised me that my credit card had not been accepted. I then called up my credit card company who advised me that LV had been authrized and they can take the payment when they want. So I called LV back and they then insisted that it wasn't due to that, rather it was not accepted as I had not enetered my Amex password. To which I responded that Amex does not use a online password unlike MC and Visa. The guy then accused me of using what maybe a stolen card and said that I could order the goods again and see how it goes this time but the previous transaction stands cancelled!! My Credit card company confirms that they still have it as authorized. So then I ordered another piece online and called back and spoke to someone else at their call center who then advised me that they will see and can not say anything until the card is accepted to which I replied that my Credit card company now have two charges as authorized on their end. They cancelled my order by lieing to me saying that my credit card company declined it and then went on to accuse me of using stolen credit cards to buy stuff. I asked him what proof he had and he replied that the proof will be available tomorrow when the transaction is declined to which I replied that its been authorized. Amazing how stuck up they can be! I am just trying to buy a bag and they are accusing me of using stolen credit cards! I have never been so so insulted in my life. Really want to do something about this but what options do I have? It seems that LV does not have any customer care division as no one has replied to my 3 emails. I know that maybe I don't have anything to stand on with a case but I really hate it when companies treat customers like dirt so wanted to take this further so their top brass should know. Anyway I will not be buying anything from them in the future. Could anyone suggest what I can do about this?
  9. I ordered a a few copies of the same DVD of Asda.com the order was accepted and I got a email to confirm the same. The price was not really a bargain but I needed a few of them. The DVD was available at the same price from a number of other retailers at that time. No money was taken out from my credit card but I received a order confirmation number and weekly updates to say that the product had not been dispatched yet. Anyway after 5 weeks they have cancelled the order saying that the product is no longer available at that price and I can pay 15 pounds for it if I want. All the other stores have now pulled the special price promotion and I have ended up without the product. Either they should have informed me in a week or supply me the goods? Since they did not charge my card have i got any chance in taking this up against them? Maybe not but its kind of frustrating as I really needed that DVD where I was going to spend 15 for 5 I will need to spend 45 for them.
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