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  1. Yeah the T was out all three times as he called me saying he could not get in. Nothing was taken as no one goes inside. Basically they put something in there to stop the key getting inside. I am not to happy with the T and have got him on a notice period to evict so am not keen on spending money on him.
  2. No. Someone just breaks a key in there. I guess he must have had a argument with someone and this is there way of winding him up. No police has been involved.
  3. Got a T that has probably wound someone the wrong way and is now getting harassed. My involvement in this is that I have changed the locks at his flat 2 times now as someone keeps on breaking a key in there. Anyway got a phone call from the T that its happened again and this time I refused to change it for free as it costs me quite a bit. Advised him that I would call out the locksmith and he could settle the bill with him directly. The T didn't agree to this. The Housing dept from the council were on the phone within a couple of hours insisting that I get it repaired so he can get back into the property again. Its costs me too much to do this Out of hours as I will have to call someone out as this being a long weekend. What are my rights on this? Surely I have given him a working lock and changed it twice. Now its up to the T to fix it himself?
  4. Thanks for your help. Highly appreciated!
  5. Just checked. It just has his business name, address and propertier name at the bottom. No registration number and does not say PLC anywhere. He is the prop.
  6. He owned his own company and now has shut up shop. I know he is still well off. Not sure if he was a PLC.To be honest with you if I am only liable for what is mentioned above then I prefer to go ahead with the case as anyway I am shelling out £1000 for a new railing so its not as if I am loosing money. Will just cost me the extra for the MCOL case. I would like to show him that he can't do this to people and at least the court case will make him a little uneasy.
  7. Will see what they have to say tomorrow. What would my liability be in this sort of a case if it went to court and I lost? Last thing I want is to be given a 5k lawyer bill from his side.
  8. Interesting. Will look into this tomorrow. I have proof that he has taken away my stair case and won't return it. Does that count for anything?
  9. How much could I be liable for? I will go after him for the cost of replacement so a £1000 claim.
  10. I guess I could install scaffolding but that won't be much cheaper. That will just build up my costs in case I loose. Scaffolding for a couple of months till the court case is over will probably set me back over a £1000 anyway.
  11. No as he has taken the entire railing. So one side of the staircase does not have a railing or any support. The other side has a wall. So only way to make it safe would be to get a custom made railing for it.
  12. Shall I just do this through money claim online? Also so I should go ahead and order a new staircase? What are my chances on wining the case? Can I be liable for his Lawyer costs if I loose for any reason?
  13. I had given him 7 days and tomorrow evening that will be up. What should I do next as it is a huge safety hazard to be walking up and down a staircase without its side railing. That part and repair to the rest of the stair case will set me back around £1000.
  14. Does it matter how long it has been as at the same time I have been after him to fix some more steel work he has done around 14 months ago. He kept on saying he would but now he says thats its been over a year so no guarantee.
  15. Its the time taken though as its quite dangerous to have a stair case without the railing. Can I get that part remade from someone else and send him the bill through small claims court if he doesn't respond to my 7 day letter before action ?
  16. I paid a private contractor to build me a new staircase. The guy did quite a bad job at it and I have been complaining to him for over 10 months now to come and fix it. I owe him the final payment so even he has been quite co-operative saying that he will come and fix it but is ill at the moment. Anyway cut a long story short he agreed to come and fix it last week and took the faulty Railing along with him. Now he is saying that unless I give him the payment he will not return my railing. He has not fixed it nor will he fix it as his business has now shut down as he has not been keeping well. So now where do I stand? If I pay him the full payment the Railing is no good to me without it being fixed. It is also not safe to be walking up and down these stairs without a railing. I had allowed him to take it under good intentions and as soon as he fixed it I would have gave him his balance. Also the balance is only around 5% and I really don't mind paying it if he fixes it but he won't. What are my options? Time is of the essence as without a railing the stair case is dangerous.
  17. Ok I have now received this but no where does it state how I can appeal this to anyone other then the city council. The second sheet has a "write your representations here" section and the reply to address is the same as what I had sent my original appeal which is the city council. Shall I reply to the city council again? Or do I need to ask for the appeal to take place?
  18. Thank you. I think I will fight for it too. Its not about the money like you say, more the principle. I have not had a parking ticket for 8 years now so this one really got to me.
  19. Problem is that I work away so I am away for 2 months and then back for 2. How long does this take to come and what happens if I don't reply till I get back? Thats Green and everyone else on here. You have been very helpfull.
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