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  1. As expected Vx never did make a statement... they did however pay the repair bill in full for my daughters car and they "seem" to be paying for other similar repairs without problem. We got a new top end complete with cylinder head, the only catch (if you can call it that) was that Vx insisted that it have a 60K service at the same time, this was due anyway and cost £153, to be honest we wouldn't have normally had this done by a Vx dealer but as this resolved the issue it was worth it. I am getting a lot of enquiries by email following my campaign and am answering as accurately as I can but it
  2. This from Max last week "Firstly David, again thank you for all your comments. I have escalated your case and all of your concerns to Vauxhall Senior Management. If you could allow us some time to further investigate, we will be able to issue a formal statement within a week. Thank You. Max 22 September at 11:10" That w...eek is up tomorrow, will Vx be true to their word and fess up to the failing camshafts or will they duck they issue?? just a timely warning, your camshaft could fail at any time stranding you possibly miles from home and leading to an expensive repair bill that Vx will n
  3. Looking forward to the Vauxhall statement of the faulity engine issue on Corsas which has been promised by next Wednesday, The points it should address are:- Which engines are affected?, I know of the 1.2 and 1.4 twinports, any others?? What cars are affected Corsa, Tigra etc What engine numbers are from the faulty batc...h (I understand they begin with 19F.... and come out of the Spanish engine factory) What you should do if you have one of these cars (check camshaft cap bolts are tightened to 8Nm)
  4. Sorry Max, "you" and I both know what the facts are and Vauxhall have done nothing so far except fire fight in an effort to keep the costs down, not good enough I'm afraid when you caonsider how much out of pocket loyal Vx owners are, I will give you a short break though, PM me a draft statement this afternoon and I won't post anymore till after I have seen it, I thinks that's fair. Nothing personal though, I still like you
  5. Hi Max, I wil repeat this Facebook posting on here as some folk on might not see it, I'm a bit suspicious of you needing a week TBH, you have known about the problem from soon after the faulty batch of engines were produced in 2005, a strategic decision was made by someone at VX (who needs sacking or should resign depending on their seniority) do you and they realise how much this has cost owners??? IF you were lucky the failure might have happened within the warranty period, next would be those who only needed to change the camshaft, bottom of the pile would be people like my daughter who bro
  6. I drive an 8yr old Omega that has done 182,000 miles and still going strong! it is a 2.2dti and I change the oil religiously, apart from wheel bearings, track rod ends and glow plugs everything else has worked fine, i have been a loyal Vauxhall customer up until this present fiasco
  7. Hi Max, can you at least confirm whether the info about the spanish engine factory is correct and that engine numbers beginning with 19F*** are the problem ones? I can start using that instead of the blanket warnings
  8. Here's another snippet from the honest john website under Corsa C review, ours is a 1.2 twinport but this would indicate 1.4's are affected too 1.2 16v seems to suffer a lot of camshaft failures. Cause of camshaft fracture, loose Camshaft Bearing Bolts. These bolts need checking by an independent Mechanic, all bolts (There are 20) should be tightened to a minimum of 8Nm, if not they will slowly vibrate loose over the passage of time and miles and put undue stress on the rotating camshaft causing it to fracture. These bolts can be checked in about 30 mins - cost approx £40. 1.4 16v T
  9. Hi Max, thanks for posting, as you are in the mood to talk then,can you tell us which engines are suffering from the premature camshaft failure and as to how this has been affected by servicing? I am sure the figures must be available via Customer Care, are you saying that the cam cap failure is directly attributable to the lack of servicing and that there are no recorderd example of a properly maintained vehicle having had a failure? what comment do you have on the Pete Kershaw court case? firstly is it real? secondly do Vx agree with the statement about loose cam cap bolts? As you have bro
  10. Heliosuk, what do you think I am really trying to do here??? engage in a technical discussion on the whys and wherefores of a failed camshaft? think about it!!, what do you really think hurts companies. I have campaigned for many years on lots of different issues using various tactics, some more succesful than others and continue to use and improve different methods, do you really think I am here to discuss with Vx why their camshafts are failing prematurely? you are the one that has taking it further and further down the technical route for reasons only known to yourself. I am starting to won
  11. You seem to be hung up on the flailing camshaft issue, I used that term in an open post on here to get my point across, this term has not and will not be used in any claim or otherwise with Vx, I am not sure why you would think that as it only confuses the issue, can i suggest that you get over it and move on. The wording used in the Pete Kershaw claim seems to fit the case perfectly.
  12. Thought this was worth cutting and pasting- from the honst john website which has 4 volumes on this problem Snapped Camshaft - pete and ed. We have just received final settlement of the claim, and have notified the court that no further proceedings are required. To re-cap:- The 2005 Corsa 1.2 SXi 33k miles suffered a snapped Camshaft on 10th of March 2009. car had fully up to date Vauxhall service history. Car was repaired by a Vauxhall garage and we got it back on the 25th of March, at a 70% cost to us of £862.45p. Whist it was stripped down I found out, that 3 Camshaft B
  13. Max, Just re-reading the Daily Record story about the broken camshaft problem dated 28th March, it says that Vx were going to issue a formal statement about the problem a week from then, do you know if this was ever done? if so can you tell me where to find it please
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