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  1. Got an email with forms and a pdf letter in my inbox from the Administrators who are definitely RMS Tenon.... I also got my money back from the bank.... paid by VISA debit... An end to an ugly and waste of time saga for me... Thank you for everyone's help and advise.. couldn't have done it without you all ... and may Gary Lord and the rest of his motley crew rot in hell for what they did to people.
  2. Can you share details of the ELS Admins and who we're supposed to call. I can't seem to get this information.
  3. Ah nice one, I feel very envious now. Congratulations I'm sure it feels like a major relief off your chest. How long did the bank take and what did you show to them in terms of supporting documents. I'm still waiting on me refund.
  4. Thanks for the tips amck seems like you're a little bit further down the line than me. I'll get onto trading standards to see what tips and advice they can offer. Should I contact my local trading standards or the Birmingham guys who seem to know abit more about it ?
  5. Do they do this all over the UK ? and how do they afford to do this for free ? Is there a catch ?
  6. Thanks for this, just registered looks like this is going to save me quite abit
  7. I paid with a visa debit card and contacted my bank today. They have sent me forms to sign and have said I need to provide them with proof of ELS going into administration. How do i show that ELS has gone into administration ? What is sufficient proof ?
  8. Also try using a free app like CCleaner which might clean out some of the junk on your browser...
  9. Best bet is to give them a call and put it in writing too. I've always found that when you call them there's no tracability to conversations.. Good luck!
  10. Hi guys, I purchased from the ELS branch in Luton and paid on Visa Debit Card (this was around 6-8 weeks ago). They also made me pay a delivery charge of around £66 to another company not sure who they are of if it's the same people. Would going down the line of a Visa Debit Chargeback be my best option ? What proof do I need to provide e.g. bank statement showing funds going out (they went out to Leather Lords Ltd btw and not ELC) They didn't even give me an invoice. Also is there any documentation or proof that I can show the bank that they've gone into administration ?
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