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  1. So so so so so many grounds to dispute it on. What evening was it? I would request evidence first - just make sure they have it right in the first place!
  2. Even more people will be oveer with RBK when they put evening parking spaces are up to £2 after 6.30pm! Hopefully RBK will be over this bus lane by time they have been to PATAS twice in a week!
  3. More like they had NO idea what law was in force and thought we need something that addresses this - lets just write something! They would benefit from some legal research lessons!
  4. It said 'BUS LANE' at the time of your alleged contravention - but the TURN RIGHT and arrow was NO LEFT TURN AHEAD!
  5. is it not the presence of the 'only' sign that stops it being applicable? Since this make is a bus only route rather than a lane so the road markings should be buses only rather than bus lane? Not 100% just trying to get the arguments together to throw at RBK? I am learning more and more that even if you are governed by legislation and you are employed in a department which relies on it this does not mean that you know how to interpret it!
  6. As I read the regs - 953 is for a bus only lane (which i guess by loose definition a bus lane could be) but the 1048 version which should be used should state ONLY (1048.3/1048.4) - however on the approach from the opposite end the 960 sign is specifically for a contraflow bus lane - and then 1048 or 1048.1 should have been used - so the upright signage conflicts with itself under the legislation - regardless of what the DfT have approved!
  7. And by time its reset and the process is as far as photo requesting we should hopefully have some firm accepted grounds for rejection!
  8. A bailiff isnt always what you see on the BBC1 show and I'm pretty sure they will give you time to pay it. As Hymn and Mi says I also assume that you want it reset so you can appeal it properly?
  9. Not until the warrant of execution is served and that may well give you time to pay the debt before the bailiffs are sent out.
  10. I think it is free- but thought I would add the £5 just in case!! hehe!
  11. I think its £5 max or it may even be free since its a public service. I know when solicitors witness docs its £5 so shouldnt be much more than that - it just makes it formal.
  12. Just had a look at the forms online - nice and straightforward. When do you have to have them back in by?
  13. What have they asked you to fill in? Is it a set aside default judgment form??
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