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  1. Tell the court about your problems and ask for more time. Ring them and speak to one of their officers they are very helpful as a rule.
  2. Just to say you have a legal right to tell them that you ONLY want to be contacted by mail (old fashioned post). If you tell them this they must stop phoning you. If they do ring you again tell them you will report them to ICO for harassment.
  3. I would give them a ring asking for a progress update, and requesting an estimate of when it might be dealt with. They have such a lot of these it can take a long time.
  4. I was in a similar situation. Eventually, I decided to take control. With Pay Day Loans I sent them a letter saying I could no longer pay, I have stopped the payments (in reality I had to open a new bank account, which was a basic one with the co-op) and they were only to contact me by post, and if they did contact me by any other means I would report them to the ICO. This worked. Eventually I took each one of them to the Ombudsman for unfair lending and one every case, getting the loans written off and recieiving refunds of about £6K. This did take about a year in total. I would write to the PDLs today and inform them you are planning to take the case to the Ombudsman and do so straight away. While the case is with the Ombudsman pending an outcome, they can collect till the Ombudsman has ruled - this will take at least 4 - 6 months and at least will by you breathing space. With the other loans, get in touch with National Debtline straight away. I was with PayPlan for a few years and this held off the wolves while I was able to get myself straight again. Also check that any lenders are actually able to claim the debts through a CCA or an SAR.
  5. Hi, I was in pretty much the same position as you and worried about not After a long period of heart searching and fear I stopped paying. I still get letters but never respond and nothing happens and much of my debt has been 'discovered' as unenforceable - if you are still paying stop and ignore the DCA's
  6. You can also quote the harressment act on the phone. You have the right not to be desturbed and to have the information by post, so you can also tell them that. If they ring again they are breach of the information act (how they use the information you have given them) and the harressemnt act.
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