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  1. Thanks SarEl. Makes a lot more sense now. Quite annoying though, as I assume the clause is supposed to be used in fairness, rather than an excuse for lazy management:roll: Oh, well. No point in wasting any more of my time on it then. I'm going to use the proverbial "you can stick your job where the sun doesn't shine" exit clause. No point in working for someone I can't trust.
  2. Hi, I recently received a written warning and appealed on the grounds that the company procedure was not adhered to. However the decision was upheld. (details on another thread by me, but I'm not able to post a link to it) On receiving confirmation of the appeal decision, my Manager explained that the disciplinary procedure was not contractual and he could change it if he felt the need. I wrote to HR asking for clarification and they replied with this. ""It states in the contract that the disciplinary and grievance procedure do not form part of your terms and conditions."
  3. Cheers Colin. I certainly will. I tried to get one in before the decision, but the form took 5 hours to print out (due to a slow connection apparently). 5 mins after I got the form, I was handed the decision. Once a decision is made, you have exhausted the appeal process, no matter how badly it was conducted. I was counting on one of my Managers for evidence, but he changed his story. I asked him why and he turned bright red, wouldn't look me in the eye for even a second and said he must have been mistaken about the facts. (This is the guy that told me he was 110% sure of the facts).
  4. ha. you'd think so. however, the hearing went along the lines of..... because i chose not to attend the original hearing, i forefeited my chance of having anything considered for mitigation and even though it wasn't considered the 1st time, can't be deemed as new evidence for appeal. regarding the procedure not being followed.. he apologised for some of the "typing errors" on the warning letter and stressed that anyone can make a "mistake" and that the dates were unimportant and this wasn't in any way a reason to overturn a decision. the fact that it took 25 days to make
  5. Thanks everyone! Quick update.... I finally got my decision (a written warning). The reason for the delay was "that's how long it took to come from HR". The warning itself is dated 25 days prior to me receiving it (and they tried to get me to sign it). The warning claims that the hearing was held on a day that the Manager that held it was actually on holiday. Also, I wasn't given 24 hours notice to prepare for my hearing. I asked the HR for the company policy and it's clear this hasn't been followed at any step of the way. I have appealed and my hearing is in a few days time. H
  6. Hi, I checked what the worst case scenario would be before deciding not to attend the hearing. It would be a 1st written warning (standard contractual procedure for a 5th occasion of absence in 12 months) I agree that I need to find out what they intend to do, but that's just the problem. It's been a very long wait considering I offered no mitigation. I would happily claim for stress if that was possible. I've certainly had my share of the stuff recently. I don't have any legal insurance and I'm not a member of any trade union, so would have to hope for a no win no fee scenario. I s
  7. Hi, I was off sick a month or so ago and on return to work, was given a letter to request I attend a disciplinary hearing. I decided not to attend on the grounds that I have suffered a huge deal of stress lately (split from long term partner and an ongoing sciatica problem) and they said they would make a decision in my absence, which I agreed was fine. A month has passed since my return to work and over 3 weeks since the "hearing" and I am still to receive a decision wether I will receive a warning for poor attendance or not. Despite asking my managers on several occassions to give me an
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