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  1. After the manager told me about my sanction, he asked me did I want to carry on doing the papers. He was understandable about my reason - some colleagues will find it uncomfortable about me doing it. Most of my colleagues are lovely, but everyone does not like the snitch. I have been in workplaces where ALL the female colleagues are nasty pieces of work, like her. No wonder I left these places 10-19 months after I started.
  2. Sorry about the delay. Have been busy. Plus my internet has been playing up The three of us all of got the first written warning - lasting 6 months. The reason was that customers needed to buy the paper to get the coupons and if they found out colleagues were helping themselves to coupons/tokens etc in unsold papers, it will be bad for us. 1stWW is the lowest sanction applied to gross misconduct. A few points which came up: . The fact finding was not done correctly. When a fact finding is done, it's informal and there is no note taker. There was a note taker present at mine and an
  3. I thought of something. If when asked 'why did I removed coupons?' Because the supervisor ASKED me to do so, I thought it was ok. Plus another supervisor removed at least one coupon (no info about how many she actually took) as she did it in front of me. If two supervisors thought it was ok, it hopefully make matters easier for me. But the saying two rights make a wrong can apply here. Also these coupons started the day before my supervisor asked me to remove them for her. She did not work that date and I did process the papers that day. Further proof of following supervisor's order
  4. I remember about a year or so ago, one newspaper used to have a free puzzle book of 8-12 pages. Some colleagues did take this home from any unsold papers. Similar principle to the coupons if I am so to believe. Also do newspaper wholesalers check every single bundle of unsold papers that gets delivered to them? They know one of the bundles is from my shop as a sheet with our details attached to one of the bundles. But prob no idea about the other bundles. The weekend papers, I do at least three bundles due to the weight of them. Weekday papers - 2. It's a huge task. Think about every
  5. In my suspension letter, it has been said I am not allowed to visit the store, unless going to a meeting about the investigation/disciplinary. Though does not mention about going to other shops. Some retailers make their suspended colleagues to be banned in every shop of the chain. I don't have the phone numbers of the other two suspended colleagues and they are not on the social media. Then, earlier this week, it was 2 colleagues' birthdays. Normally, I write on their facebook wall wishing them a happy birthday, but not done so. The only FB contacts I have done this week are to those friends
  6. A former colleague (now retired) (person A) lives next door to a colleague that still works there (person B). B told A that there are three colleagues on suspension - myself and the other two colleagues I have said their names as they either took the coupons themselves (person C) s or they asked me to do it for them (person D) This is certainly very interesting as they are actually benefiting from the coupons, I had no plans to use the coupons as these holidays the coupons are for are my kind of hell. But the thing is are they going to lie? I am even more worried because of this in some w
  7. I am in the process of doing my CV and applying for a couple of jobs. I have an issue with who to use for a 2nd reference. Been with my present employer for just over 5 years. The previous 3-4 years of employers don't exist anymore. I worked for a temp agency for a firm that still exists. When my current employer tried to contact the firm, they had no record of me, despite I was there for 18 months and all the managers in my dept have left. Friends cannot help either as I know them for not long enough or speaking to them after a gap of 15 years and only been in contact for 1 year.
  8. So what do you think may be the outcome? Left a text with the union rep and not heard back. Tried to ring her but she has no voicemail. Any other advice?
  9. I work in a shop where each night that I work, I gather up the unsold newspapers and process them. A colleague asked me if I could get the tokens out from a certain paper. I have done this for 3 days now. I have been caught out as I as for an envelope (wish kept my mouth shut) never gained permission from anyone above me. I did blurt out a name when I was asked did I get permission. I was bloody stupid and have no reason why I did this. My manager is disappointed with me for lying and breaching trust. I was never caught taking the coupons from the paper or handing them to the colleague.
  10. May have to text her. I don't know her usernames to any forums.
  11. This is the only forum I have discussed this. If there is another post on another forum then its concidence.
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