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  1. That's what I have been thinking. What should I be thinking about using as a basis for a counterclaim? The legitamcy of the ticket? The charge amount?
  2. My concern is that the PPC can pursue the cheque separately as a contract between them and myself - regardless that it is for a parking ticket.
  3. This is a follow up to an older thread About a month ago I was made aware that my car had received a parking ticket from a private parking company and in a panic I sent off a cheque. I then did a little research and based on the fact the ticket was issued to the driver while I am the only the registered owner I decided to cancel the cheque and left the matter at that without attempting to contact them. Today I received a letter from the company referencing the stopped cheque and noting that since had not communicated with them they had to apply to the DVLA from my contact details. They now say unless they "receive a replacement payment for the ticket" "we will have no alternative but to pursue this matter through the County Court for payment". I don't know from their wording whether their angle is the cancelling of the cheque or just the usual demand for money. One piece of advice I have had would be to make the payment and then make a counterclaim against the PPC. What would be involved in that? Any advice would be appreciated.
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