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  1. Hi and thank you for your posts. MY friend (unsure now as he also has not spoken to me since) has just been promoted to management so i believe findingout where the leak came from wouldn't be too hard to find. Also I did plead guilty, and fully co-operated with the police and was willing to take any punishment they gave me as it was deserved. However it seems like Tesco were un-happy with just the caution and have taken it upon them selves to punish me further. With regards to eviction, this is ok. We are top priority with our council for a house. In fact we have been informed of
  2. Oh, I've also got RLP asking me to repay £750!! I've read some of the posts regarding this company and most advice is to just ignore them. However my letter did state they would take financial hardship and illness into account. I was declared bankrupt in march so this might go in my favour. I also take anti depressents, and strong pain killers such as tramadol and morphine on a regular basis. At the time i was under the care of my GP, Consultant, a councilor and was awaiting to see the mental health doctor. Do you think I should reply to them with this information? Thanks
  3. I understand that, but it should have still remained my decision to inform them anyway. I have been giving 2 months notice to quit. We are currently in top priority with our Local housing sector, but to be honest we have been wanting to move for some time. This has just given us a "nudge". If i am unable to find out the person, would Tesco be liable as a company for breach of confidentiality, and the security guards?
  4. There are people who work in tesco who know the family. The only way they could have known we were arrested is if one of the 3 people told them or showed the footage to "name and shame" Going away from the point - I know tesco released the information as my family told me it was from someone in Tesco. Can anything be done about it.
  5. Thanks for your response. The only people that seen the arrest was 2 security guards and a member of HR. None of them knew who we where so we can only assume have been talking about it amongst staff. Are they allowed to be discussing this sort of information to people who it does not concern. With regards to the family - I think they're just embarrassed by the situation, one of the reasons we choose discretion, and as i say other than the 3 people who needed to know in tesco, surely there is some sort of confidentiallity concern here? Thanks
  6. Hi there, On August 5th 2010 My wife and I were caught shoplifting in Tesco stores. We had tried to take £80 worth of goods, such as food and other essentials. The only reason we done it is because we were struggling financially, and have 2 children. We resorted to doing anything to make sure our children were ok. We were arrested and given a police caution and received a lifetime ban from the store. We decided not to tell our family because they had their own problems. However a select few members of Tesco staff have taken it amongst them selves to inform our family. Is this legal?
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