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  1. Cheers all, we didn't mention the car reg. on our appeal letter so maybe we won't hear anything else - fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks very much. I have been reading through the forum and am feeling like a bit of a numpty for writing to them in the first place. It is definitely a private car park owned by Euro Car parks, so I will ignore all future correspondence. It was two stamps by the way, because they asked for a SAE for their reply! More haste less speed in future, I think. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I have been reading with interest and some relief with regard to parking fine re-inforcement. However, my son recently got a parking ticket for overstaying in a town centre car park owned by euro car parks, the fine was for £70 if paid within 7 days and £90 if delayed. I suggested he appealed the fine (thinking I was being helpful) and the appeal was rejected, he appealed on the grounds that he was delayed leaving work due to the late arrival of another employee, he is a student and only works a few hours a week, so it was a fine he could do without. Today we have received the appeal rejected letter and have noticed that they have recorded his car registration details incorrectly. I would love some advice with regard to our next step, should we send the template letter from here or write again saying it is not his car?
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