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  1. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me please. I’m in private rented property and have been in this house for 7.5 years. I renewed my tenancy in December for 12 months. I now have an opportunity to buy my own house and it would mean breaking my contract. My tenancy agreement has a “break clause”. Could someone read over it and let me know if I just have to give 2 months notice and how to word the letter to the agent please? Also, am I going to lose my deposit by doing this? “Break clause- either party has the right to terminate this agreement by giving the other party not less than two months advanced notice in writing. This notice can not expire within the first 6 months of the tenancy” thanks in advance
  2. Ok, so if we did go down the road of settling outside the insurance, would this letter (signatures witnessed by independent) be ok? Obviously it’s just a template letter and information needs to be changed etc. Dear Name of Injured Party: This is a formal letter of agreement for payment for the damage I caused to your car on DATE. I backed into the side of your car in the parking lot at ADDRESS and damaged the driver’s door. In our telephone conversation on DATE, we agreed that the full and final settlement amount for the cost of repair is AMOUNT. I agree to pay this amount with a personal check on or before DATE. Once this payment is made, you agree that I do not owe you any more money. When you sign this letter, you agree to release me from all present and future claims. I have enclosed a copy of this letter for you to sign and return to me. Once we have both signed this letter, the agreement is final. If you have any questions, or would like any changes in this letter, I can be reached at Phone Number or at Email Address. Sincerely, Signature of Responsible Person Printed Name of Responsible Person List of Enclosures: Copy of the letter
  3. Thanks for all the advice. The other driver is apparently going to our garage this morning for a quote.
  4. 07 plate old shape Ford Fiesta! Not a mark on my sons car.
  5. Hi, so my son nudged a car in the rear bumper. The car behind had the owner in it. Both parties got out of the cars and looked for damage, both agreed there was none and went on their way. 6 hours later my son receives a message on Facebook from the other driver saying he had noticed a big split in his bumper. We went and looked at it, not convinced the damage was caused by my son but can’t prove otherwise. We asked if they’d be prepared to settle without the need for insurance companies as my son is in first year of driving and has a £600 excess. They agreed. He got a “quote” from a garage he uses for £500. And told me to call the garage to let them explain what the costs were for. I did and got a mouthful from the bloke saying how dare I ask him To prove it. He also admitted he hadn’t seen the car and was “guessing” what damage there might be under the bumper. I got another quote and that was £300. Now they’re threatening to go through the insurance. My question is...if we do pay the £500, would a letter signed by both parties stating they won’t make any further claim etc be enough for them not to be able to go through the insurance? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, I have a debt from 2013 which was originally Littlewoods or Kay’s (shop direct). It is now with NCO Lowell. Is it worth sending a CCA request? Thanks in advance I should add, ive been in a debt management program with step change so have been paying them regularly.
  7. Hi all. Ok, decided to change from sky to BT for my broadband on 27/11/17 for BT sport reasons only. I was told my services would be on by 13/12/17. A few days later I received an email saying it would be 18th. I called them to make sure sky wouldn’t cut me off before that, they said no it would be on until they go live. Fast forward to the 18/12. I still hadn’t received a hub, sky cut me off I called BT. They said the order wasn’t progressing through normal systems and that’s why I hadn’t had New Hub. They put an order in manually for the hub which I received the following day. (19/12/17). Still not connected. Every day that week I called for an update, spending 40-60 mins on the phone whilst they checked with openreach etc. Every day I was told it will be on “tomorrow before midnight”. Christmas Eve arrives, still nothing. I get a call saying it will be on on 29th. I have to admit, I went garrity at that moment as that meant no internet for downloading films/gaming etc over Xmas on our few days off. Told them to cancel everything including BT sport immediately. I rang sky to get them to reconnect me, they couldn’t as BT hadn’t cancelled it. Phoned numerous times after Xmas to be told they’re having problems cancelling it. So not only do they have problems connecting it, they now can’t cancel it and until they do I can’t get internet from them or any other provider. Was promised a call today from the case manager. I had someone call “on behalf” of case manager who said it still wasn’t fixed and to check back on Friday. So this will be 2 weeks since cancellation and 3 weeks without internet. My kids can only look at their new Xbox they got for Xmas in the box as I need internet to set it up. I’d there anything I can do? It’s costing us money in more data from Vodafone etc. I’m in no mans land!
  8. Ok! Thank you very much *swats that willy away, and continues to scoff mince pies*
  9. Hey, me again. So this has now been passed to zenith collections. They write saying it is their intention to collect this debt and pursue it to a legal conclusion if necessary. What do I need to do now? Many thanks and merry Christmas
  10. Hi! I've had another letter today from DRP. They now say: "Notice of intended court action-unpaid parking charge £160. We refer to our letter dated 21/10/2016 and note that you haven't paid the amount shown above. As you haven't contacted us to tell us that you're not liable for the charge, we've taken this to mean that you agree you're liable for it" Where to now? Thank you in advance.
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