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  1. Thank you all for the help and these letter templates. I will print them today and get them in the post recorded delivery Monday morning.
  2. That is great. Thank you. I will get this in the post to them on Monday and await their reply.
  3. I believe that I was mis-sold PPI for a Barclaycard credit card. At the time I was either unemployed, or working part-time. The terms and conditions were also not fully explained to me as the PPI policy was sold to me over the telephone by a representative of the credit card company who worried me into believing I needed it. The complicated thing is that I no longer have any of my original statements for the credit card as I cancelled it last year, so I can't trace how much I paid in PPI or when the card was originally taken out. And also that I had the credit card for many years and in that time it changed lenders many times. Before Barclaycard, I believe the card was with Goldfish and before that it was with Morgan Stanley. It might also have been with someone else before this point. Possibly a credit card offered from Sky TV originally many years ago but it was for so many years I can't remember that far back. The question is. Is it possible to request a statement from them (Barclaycard) showing a list of all PPI payments made for that credit card? I understand credit card companies have to keep records for the past 6 years, and as such the card passed between at least 3 different credit card companies in that time, but do all the records reside with the final company? How do I request an itemised statement of these PPI payments? Is there a template? I also would like to try and claim back charges for the same card, charged for things like going over the limit, or not paying the minimum monthly fees on time some months. Could I put in a request for those fees to be itemised at the same time? I know this last bit is off topic for this forum, but I wanted to know if the 2 can be handled at the same time.
  4. I'm having trouble with Wescot Credit Services regarding the recovery of a credit card debt owed to Barclaycard, and hope some of you here can help me. When I started to receive letters from Wescot Credit Services I sent them a letter requesting a copy of the credit agreement, including a £1 postal order. They replied by letter to me stating that they are not the creditors for the account, but instructed on behalf of their client Barclaycard. And returned the postal order attached to their letter. The letter continued, stating that if I wanted a copy of the credit agreement I would need to request it directly from their client. They ended by saying thay they were placing the account on hold for 14 days to allow me time to arrange a repayment plan with them. From everything I've read online I thought that for a debt collection company to be able to enforce the recovery of money they needed to own the debt and be able to provide a copy of the credit agreement. Is that correct? And if so where does Wescot Credit Services stand in regard to their attempts to recover the debt from me? A couple of days after that letter I received a letter from another company called Credit Security Limited, stating they are acting on behalf of Wescot Credit Services, and have been instructed to recover the overdue debt. They then wrote "We DEMAND that the sum stated be sent directly to this office IMMEDIATELY using the payment slip below. Your failure to comply could result in a DEBT COLLECTOR calling upon you for payment of a COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT being registered against you. Is this just a worry tactic from Wescot? I've heard they like to send letter that look like they are from many different companies to try and worry the client more. So what should I do next? I'm willing to arrange a resettlement plan, but only with the company who can provide me with the credit agreement. So my main question is. As Wescot could not directly provide me with the credit agreement, and instead just returned the £1 postal order, where do they stand with regard to recovering the debt? Should I go directly back to Barclaycard or attempt to arrange a resettlement plan with Wescot? thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer.
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