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  1. It's now 11 days since log book loans said they were passing my account for repossession. I have had no contact since. Is it too late now to do anything? Any idea what sort of settlement figure i can expect on outstanding £440 from original loan? I've asked them for help but they're not interested.
  2. Thanks. Any advice on if they knock on the door? Read a lot about invalid bill of sales? Does that still happen?
  3. Hi. looking for some advice after I was stupid enough to take out a log book loan from Cash Converters. A family of 4 currently on benefit, i just havent been able to maintain payments almost from the off. Now they say no more time, and have passed my account to the repo dept. Am panicking now cos the car needs work and more than likely not raise anywhere near enough to clear debt. What happens now?? Will they just turn up? or tell me when they're coming? Also, when they come, can I keep my tax disc for a refund? They're so agressive on the phone, darent ring and ask.
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