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  1. Hello looking for a bit of clarity on a passport application for my children,and the documents required I understand I need to send birth certificates, but I'm confused with the next request Parents’ documents If claiming British nationality through your father and he was British when you were born, send the following: father’s marriage or civil partnership certificate to your mother or parent 1 Both me and the wife are British So would the above apply? Thanks
  2. Morning I currently work for the NHS, and I'm contracted to work 30 hrs per week as follows Site A 5-7 am Mon-Friday 10 hrs Site B 4-8 pm Mon-Friday 20 hrs My coworker at site A is retiring,leaving 10 hrs vacant My manager has found a replacement and offered this worker 20 hrs,but wants me to give up my 10 hrs My manager has offered me 4 hrs on a Sunday instead (at double time) I know I'm not obliged to take the new hours, but I'm not quite sure of my rights Thanks in advance
  3. The frames have a lifetime guarantee,but I don't fancy having to take it in every 6 months
  4. Giant..its a revolt 2,gravel bike(just a road bike but built a bit stronger)but I only use it for commuting and road cycling about 900 miles per frame
  5. Hi, I obtained a bicycle through my company's Cycle to work scheme,however after about six months the rear right side seat stay snapped. The cycle provider replaced the frame. Then last week I noticed a crack in the new frame,in the exact same spot. I'm not sure I want yet another new frame, I've paid this bike off in full Do you think I'd be best asking for a refund,or a suitable new replacement,but different model? Thanks
  6. Chillin and nom nom nom(as in I've just been to Nandos nom nom nom)!
  7. I had a very interesting conversation with a former TVL agent awhile back(now a Sky tv salesman),he said that it was not worth the time to request a warrant because it would waste(on a good day)3 hours,where he could be making commission from people he'd conned into believing that by buying a license from him,they were avoiding a court summons!
  8. Get a new sim card the number will be with it,and you get it for nowt if you order on line
  9. Put some credit on it and phone a friend?
  10. Buy mine on my mobile.sick of forgetting to take my pass out of my shirt/pants and putting the it through the wash
  11. Speak to postie,he'll 'kill them off' before the letters get to your mailbox,just remember him/her at Xmas!
  12. Why do customers on pre-payment meters have to pay more for their fuel?,doesnt seem fair,and I had to laugh at a postcard from E.on yesterday which said something like 'Save money use less gas',jeeze never thought of that haha!
  13. I worked for southern trains,and first class was often referred to as the 'crumple zone',as first class was often at either the front/rear section of the train!
  14. would it be easier to pay up and chase the council later? but Im more than happy to go to court though!
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