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  1. Hello Everyone, A thanks for all the great advice I have already read on here which has been helpful and eye opening. I bought a Beko Fridge Freezer from Currys early feb of this year. Noticed last night that the freezer had defrosted its self and the contents are cold but not frozen. The machine is running from time to time but not for long enough to get things to refreeze. The fridge is cold. Obviously I will need to eat what I can from the freezer and then chuck the rest. Called Currys this morning, their phone system put me straight through to Beko to arrange a repair. Beko said they will call back within 48 hours to arrange an appointment. I know under SOG regs any repair / remedy should be carried out with the minimal inconvenience to the buyer. I think that do be without a freezer and with a fridge, whose thermostat that I do not trust, for more than a few days is highly inconvenient. In addition with the appliance partially working there is a huge food safety issue. It being Friday today I would expect someone to have come by the end of Monday at the latest. Also what is the opinion on time slots for engineers' visits? I feel that were I to be told that they will visit between 7 and 7 is inconvienent - not that I have a time yet. Under the SOG, can I ask for reimbursement for the freezer contents? I suspect Currys / Beko are going to tell me that I am not covered regardless of what the law actually says. When I originally got the fridge freezer there was a huge saga as they did not take the old one away as per my orderr with them. Frankly I would like them to mess up under the SOG so I can push for an complete refund so I can start again wtih a better model from someone else. Wish I had never gone to Currys. Thanks in advance for any help H
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