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  1. Thanks, I filled in the e mail and included the code in the subject line. Anyone with half a brain can appreciate that I wouldn't run up £900 worth of phone calls in one month knowingly. £200 yes, if you spend a bit too long on the phone, but £900. I was only earning £1000 a month at the time. I'm going to go into Phones4You tomorrow to make an official complaint to head office. Incidentally, Mackenzie Hall sent me a letter today saying I had 72 hours to make a payment or I would have an assassin sent round to my house. They claim I hadn't made a payment since the end of July, when
  2. And I cannot sit out the debt because Mackenzie Hall are threatening to come round my house and kill me (or so you would believe if you read the letters)
  3. Thats my argument though, I am fully aware I defaulted on a payment. The thing is, the reason I defaulted is because I was lied to.
  4. I was stitched up by a crafty salesman in a phones for you store in 2006. I took out a Vodafone contract, telling him I also needed cheap calls to the USA because I had a g/f in Wisconsin. He assured me at the time I would get a bolt on that matched my O2 bolt on of 10p a min calls to the USA However, after making calls over the period of a month I received a bill from Vodafone for £880. I went back to the Phones 4 you store, only to find that the guy who sold me the contract had left (or been sacked, they wouldn't tell me) I applied for credit at the weekend just gone, and instantly
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