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  1. They rung me on my house phone & send me a pre-court division letter every week. I've just recieved the litigation warning letter. I toke out 2 contracts, one with the intention of paying but I couldnt afford it, and one to sell and spend the money which is really stupid but at the time I was desperate for money, as I wasn't living at home. I haven't got a scanner no. But I shall find some of the letters later and post what they say. Tabitha
  2. Hi there, I am eighteen years old and dealing with a £1012.81 debt from orange contracts, which are two contract phones I didn't pay. I got letters from Orange which I ignored as I couldn't pay them, then I got letters and constant phone calls from the Moorcroft group. I was at the time on Job seekers allowance, and offered to pay them fourty a month towards the debt, but they said that it wasn't enough and I had to pay £60 or nothing. Then the rung me again and said I had to pay the debt in full, or half Which of course I couldn't afford. I then decided to ignore the letters and phone calls, and have got about 6 pre-court division letters and have just now got a letter from "Midas legal services" claiming that they will get solicitors involved if I dont pay the debt. Am I right to just ignore the letters and phonecalls? Does anyone have any advice. Thanks Tabitha
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