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  1. That's excellent thank you and yes that article is very helpful. Funnily enough we are in very similar circumstances because I was due to go back to work on the 1st Jan as I am still on maternity leave at the moment from having my twin girls! I found out I was pregnant naturally (previously numerous IVF attempts over many years) when the girls were just 5 months so it has all come as quite a shock to be honest! Thankfully on reading the article I will qualify for MA as my company maternity earnings will take me over the limit but it has been so complicated to fathom out and to then find out I'm being made redundant anyway! Thank you again for all your help and advice. Ellie
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise me regarding my currently siutation. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and yesterday was informed that my job is at risk of redundancy at the end of December when they shut the office I am currently working in. They have offered me 2 options, either voluntary redundancy or application for a job in the London office (which is not practical with 2 small children and a 3rd on the way!) and if application for a role is unsuccessful it would result in compulsory redundancy anyway. My question is this, unfortuantely at the time of my redundancy date I would only be 24 weeks pregnant which is not enough to qualify for SMP or probably any company maternity pay (which you have to be 26 weeks) but would I be entitled to maternity allowance? and would it be affected if I chose to take 'voluntary redundancy' ? I will have been with the company 3 years and have already had a year's maternity leave (not sure if that is relevant) Any help you can offer would be apreciated as I don't want to take voluntary redundancy and basically cut of my only income whilst I have the new baby until I can return to work, money is tight enough as it is. My husband works 6 days a week to earn approx 30k so we are not classified as liable for any income support benefits etc (other than the usual child benefit and a small amount of Child tax credit) Many thanks in advance Ellie
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