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  1. Hi, Just after some info please. My mum got a dreaded LBL in January 2009 for 4000pounds and the re-monthly payments that initially were set off at around 550pounds. Some issue arrose and my mum was unable to meet those payments and after a meeting with LBL they froze interest and she now has to pay 483pounds for another 18months so the total she will of repaid will be close to 16kpounds....4 times the amount borrowed Any advice on these things GREATLY appreciated Thanks
  2. the letter was hand delivered, should my parents say that i dont live when/if they call tomorrow? I am more than willing to pay this, as after all it is my debt, however i am in receipt of benefits and simply cannot find 640.57pounds by tomorrow............. What should be my next step? Thanks
  3. Hi, Yesterday a bailliff visited my parents house while they were out and left a letter for me. Its an arrears of council tax from a previous property i lived in. Things is I dont live at my parents address and currently have no fixed address (can be confirmed with housing dept at the council) Where do I stand with regards the baillif being at my parents address :S
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