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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but need some sort of advice asap as Im at my wits end. Last week, I agreed to purchase a pony, and paid a deposit of £150 to which the seller wrote a receipt stating that it was received for the sale of the pony and a balance to pay on delivery. After many many attempts to contact this person, they messaged me on facebook tonight and said that they could not part with their pony and that they would pay us back our deposit. We were supposed to buying their trailer too for £300, and they said that we could still have that, so I messaged her back saying that if they couldnt part with the pony then i understood, but to message me back regarding the trailer or to asnwer their phone. I tried again to phone them, but this time, someone picked up the phone and never said anything, and its been engaged ever since. They said that we could have the trailer on Monday, but Im really suspicious now that they are stringing us along, and by Monday will have dissapeared with trailer, ponies and our money. What can I do????? Please Help
  2. This wasn't the Commercial Credit Services was it by any chance? I've had a telephone call today from them and they Referred to me by miss and my surname, and asked me to confirm 1st line of my address. I asked what it was about and she said until I confirmed my address she couldn't discuss the matter. I stupidly gave the first line only, and she said it didn't match the address that she had on file, and could I give her the first line of the BUSINESS address that I had registered in St Asaph????? Firstly, I don't have a business and never have had, and secondly I don't know where the heck they got that address from. I told her I didn't have a clue what she was on about, so she said to give her my home address and she'd re-send the letter and then I could phone her back. I told her if she was not willing to divulge any information to me, then I was not willing to divulge any further info to her. She got snotty and said that the matter would not be resolved so I said FINE BYE and I hung up. I'm just wondering if they're doing the rounds again, because I've read on other websites that their main line of harrassment is apparent unpaid utillity bills.
  3. He has a Uk full picture card licence, and a Passport, but it ran out last year. Surely the company should check whether a person is legally obliged to work here, before they make them an offer of employment!
  4. I can understand that it's required, but it seems a lazy way to go about things. If the law only applies to people employed after February 2008, then why can't the company just approach these people, as the majority of the workforce have been there a lot longer than 2 years. They said a drivers licence is not acceptable. Can they actually dismiss a person for refusing to provide this information or can it be taken as an empty threat.
  5. My partner came home from work yesterday and said that his employers have demanded that every employee bring a Passport or Birth Certificate to work to prove their identity or right to work in the UK. My partner has been with this company over 5 years, the same as many other employees that work there. They do regularly employ polish and foreign workers. They have said that anyone that doesn't provide this information will be instantly dismissed. Can they do this? I thought that the The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 onlyapplied to employee's employed on or after February 2008. My partner does not have a passport, and has mislaid his Birth Certificate some years ago. Isn't it enough that he has a National Insurance number? Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks Emma x
  6. This happened to my dads business account a few months back. He's with Barclays. I did the banking for him and I paid in money on two seperate slips, and also cashed a wages cheque. When the account statement came in a few weeks later, I noticed an adjustment of £10 made to the money I paid in. I telephoned barclays and was told that the cashier had made a mistake and mis-counted the takings, which meant that she supposedly gave me, with the wages that I withdrew, an extra tenner. My first thought was, surely if I had an extra £10 with the cash I withdrew, then I would have most definately spotted it when I was dividing the wages between employees pay packets. Anyway, Barclays refunded it. I made a fuss about them not having any evidence, and that they just took the money without firstly asking permission or advising us at least. I know its only a tenner, but its principle. You've gotta watch um. They think cos its in their bank its their money, but its NOT, its ours and they're supposed to be taking care of it. Gone are the days when banks really did look after your money and not just swipe it all the time..... LOL Emz:D
  7. A Blues Brothers Song You kiss me and you hug me And feild me for a drink You took all my money before I can do anything You're using me I said you're using me If you don't do something about that I want all my money back I bought you a new car Buyin' pretty clothes I said right now ya Don't I know You're using me You're using me If you don't do something about that I want all my money back You took all my money You left me flat broke You didn't leave me enough money To buy a half a good coat You're using me If you don't do something about that I want all my money back I wonder if this song was wrote with Barclays in mind?:grin:
  8. Hi, is there anyone that can give me advice on breaches of employment contract. My brother was dismissed yesterday, more than a week outside of a 26 week probationary period. He started on the 11th September, so the 26 weeks were up on the 11th March, but he wasnt dismissed until the 19th March. The company contract states that this must be done within the 26 weeks, and I think its statutory as well. Also, the reasons for the dismissal were absence and not hitting targets, but he never received any training from management, and had to rely on other production workers for guidance. His job was assembling wooden frames for a sofa manufacturer, who made numerous different models, and the job was mostly using air drills and industrial air powered staple guns. When they had him in the office to sack him, they made out that he had 5 days absence in 26 weeks, but he only actually had 3 days, because they were including days he had off after the 26 weeks had expired. It also stated in his contract, that only an Appropriate Manager or Director could make the decision to dismiss him, but this was decided by a lady from personel and a factory supervisor. Acas have told him to write a grievance letter, but we havent got a clue where to start. Any advice would be appreciated. Emz:D
  9. I got home today and found my outside front cupboard stuffed with the new feather pillows I ordered from littlewoods. The delivery card wasn't even pushed through the letterbox correctly, it was sticking out for all to see, with (OUTSIDE CUPBOARD) wrote on it. Hope they dont try to stuff my new kingsize bed in there when it comes...lol Emz:D
  10. Hi, after successfully claiming my charges back from barclays, and my brothers from hsbc, i am now trying to claim back my mother in laws from Abbey. So far, so not very good at all. Firstly, mum in law tried to obtain statements last year through branch, and abbey took her £10 but only ever sent her 3 years worth. She repeatedly telephoned them but was fobbed off time and time again. Eventually, she gave up and decided to estimate the charges to the sum of approx £3000. Abbey sent an offer of £500, which she refused over the phone. This is where she decided to do things the correct way, and asked me to send Abbey the SAR. I just got the first installment of statements today, with the usual letter stating microfiche excuse and that info will follow. HERE'S THE WIERD BIT Whilst looking over the statements for 2006, I came across Aug-Sept and noticed some very unusual transactions. Dated all on the 11th Sept there is a large number of refunds for charges, for different amounts e.g, £30, £35, £20 TOTALLING £485. When I questioned the mother in law, she told me that she wouldn't have noticed because, she has so much going out of her account, and its only when she gets a letter informing her that she's being charged, does she realise she's ran out of money. What I want to know is, could this be the money from the offer that abbey made? Can they just put this money in your account without you accepting in writing, and without informing you that they have paid it? Now that my mother in law has spent this money, does that mean that she has automatically accepted the terms of their initial offer? Inbetween sending the estimated prelim letter and the money being put in her account, she has been charged more that £485, so she might have thought they were refunding charges because she complained. I'm really confused, I couldnt work out any other explanation for the refunds. Has it happened to anybody else? My mother in law, could have just been cheated out of thousands... Sorry for the massive post..lol Emz:D
  11. You don't add the interest on until the MCOL court stage. Each charge, date etc, has to be added to the spreadsheet for it to work correctly. Emz:D
  12. I think, that with all the devastation the stormy weather has brought over the last few weeks, it may be hard to prove anything other than an Act of God. Emz
  13. Hi, the forum you need is here Emz
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