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  1. The one thing I have, still, is cast iron proof that the bailiff lied in both his interviews regarding the fictitious levy. The meeting next week will be the first time any of these have actually seen the video I made which blows holes - nay, craters - in his statement. Have to go out now so can't continue this chat right now, but will call back later to see if anyone has anything that I haven't thought of... though reading back, I think I have enough material of my own to go with the advice you chaps gave me in the early days.
  2. Well I didn't know this : " ... the Revenues & Benefits Service was outsourced by the authority over 5 years ago so Liberata are responsible for the Collection of Council Tax on behalf of Pendle. " Liberata being : http://www.liberata.com http://www.liberata.com/Sectors/LocalGovernment.aspx Learn something new everyday...
  3. PT - no mate, I never asked for one, just wanted my breakdown... do you think I should ask for one ? May not get it in time now anyways...
  4. Bejesus... have just read through the original complaints made to Rossendales ... had forgotten most of this stuff already - no wonder they're taking their time
  5. Still ongoing Duckie ! Received an email today agreeing to a face to face meeting next week. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask, please let me know
  6. PT - Oh believe me, I will have personal words with Mr MP Fired off a second email re. my FOI request this morning, which reaches its 20th day on Saturday. Got a reply from Chief Exec apologising for the delay in answering my mail 5 weeks ago and assuring me that various departments were indeed looking into my concerns. There's still some life in this thread yet...
  7. ... and keep on at PBC - I am still on their case and awaiting my FOI response and have just requested a face-to-face meeting with the council tax office... Plenty more to pass on to them before I am through yet, but the more that are making themselves heard the better.
  8. Not interested Seana, to be honest. We both know the only thing he is sorry for is his loss of fees !
  9. Morning All ! Not updated this for a week or two because nothing happened ! 1 - My friendly local councillor who said he would investigate and call round to see me... didn't call round to see me. Or answer my email. Or even telephone. 2 - The CEO at Pendle Council, who 4 weeks ago promised "I will investigate the issues you have raised and get back to you with a full reply very shortly" ... hasn't got back to me with any sort of reply, let alone a full one ! 3 - Our newly elected local MP who bombarded me with literature extolling his virtues and why I should vote
  10. If this reaches the stage where court action is taken, it can't be. Some of this information will also form a crucial part of my complaint to the council, especially any perceived complicity in Rossendales overcharging and breaking the law. At this stage, however, nothing would surprise me...
  11. Rule 1 - play safe - admit nothing - sign nothing ! ... of course they seem serious - the intention is to stop you selling any more of these items. They have, therefore, succeeded in what they actually wanted to do. They wouldn't, no, but trading standards would - but only if they have been given a search warrant. If they had a search warrant, you would have known by now, they wouldn't give you any warning (ie chance to dispose of things) and having made you aware now that they have been watching you, they've given you a chance to get rid of anything suspicious so
  12. PS - I'm not saying you sell fake signed Rooney shirts by the way !! - I was just using that as an example of why goofbay is a useful tool !
  13. Just a filler, as I know several colleagues who have been in similar positions. Firstly goofbay. Many sellers of fake signed football shirts (amongst other things) will sell their rubbish on private listings - that way you can't check to see how many "rare, signed Wayne Rooney shirt"'s they have sold this week. Goofbay will show everything a seller has sold in the previous 90 days. There are other useful tools eg snipers, misspellings tools, feedback checkers etc. The reason they have used goofbay is possibly because you have used private listings. Despite scare stories, eBay, a
  14. As mentioned before, I want to see if the council are actually aware of what their bailiffs are up to, if they condone it by lack of diligence, if there is a lack of complaints then is it because people don't know how to complain or complaints are not taken seriously and to see if it is something that I should be pushing to be brought before a council meeting. Not all of these is in connection with my case. There are a lot of people who would have given up a long time ago and paid these illegal fees. If I can do something to stop others going through what I've been through (and, of course
  15. Just fired this FOI request off to the relevant dept : ------------------------------------- Request Date : Sunday September 26 2010 FROM PENDLE DAD Dear Sir / Madam I am writing to request council information held on Rossendales Ltd., the bailiff company employed by Pendle Borough Council. The information I request is as follows. 1 - Details of the decision-making process in choosing Rossendales Ltd. as bailiffs, namely : - a) who was involved in awarding the contract - b) who opposed the contract - c) on what basis the decisio
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