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  1. I must look up what my human rights are, as I am missing out on a lot i fear!
  2. I dont think you have much of a case here. If you didn't like being referred to as "Irish" then you have only got to tell your colleagues. Most of us get some nicknames from time to time, and yes people should think more, no question, but a lot of time has elapsed now. There doesnt seem to be anything in what you say that you were the one who was made redundant because you are Irish
  3. ultimately they can change it...how long have you been there? It seems reasonably generous to me
  4. What's caused this certain procedure to be developed? Have some people not taken their turn, and it is a way of control? Or complaints about quality or something? ultimately it depends what you want to get out of it. Does everyone feel the same?
  5. I dont think it is victimisation or bullying. THe MD wants a certain level of IT support and it clearly wasnt working to his expectations under the flexitime rules. It might have been a little unfair that the colleague with the children got the hours fixed, as I think reasonable adjustments have to be made, not that they have to absolutely agree any hours they want. If your contractual hours are affected, then technically they can alter these, with notice, but it usually means agree to them or you're out, ultimately. Would be more reasonable of course, if your colleague
  6. I have never worked anywhere that gives reminders! Always keep your own records and book them up early
  7. you will probably find you can be moved to a similar property...it will be in the terms and conditions
  8. re the opening post, the bad weather, I dont think it is particularly unreasonable to hand phone no out to someone who has called in because of the weather, perhaps they needed his advice. It happens all the time, hard to say that is bullying. If I had phoned in because of weather I would make sure my colleagues knew how to find me....if they are ringing at 3am in the morning when you are off duty it is a different matter, of course..
  9. i would have thought so. Shops are always open perhaps she has been lucky getting this authorised in the past
  10. ok so when you say a day in lieu, what you mean is a day unpaid? (as you dont actually work, and will not have the ability to work as the company is closed?)
  11. I was a bit confused with message, it reads that they want you to work, i.e. they do not want to shut the workplace, which is understandable, but they will give you a day in lieu? In which case everyone benefits from an extra day's leave, so no real issue (unless they are desperate to watch the wedding and cannot) - or did I misinterpret that?
  12. ignoring the TUPE part for a moment and the transferred rights, there could be confusion over the entitlement e.g. if someone does a 4 on 4 off shift, then they are not working 5 days out of seven and would be entitled to a pro rata no of shifts off, which would be 20...e.g. assuming 12hr shifts 4on/4off...
  13. ok that makes perfect sense thanks for that. They are forcing it on him - two directors now have told him to 'like it or lump it or leave'.....so in other words if he gets contractual notice, which is a month, then he will be doing well..he has intimated he expects more notice, and hoping that one month minimum is going to be offered really frustrating, the job is more or less the same as when he was hired, and if we took his joining pay and added the percentage cost of living rises he has had over the years (excluding the promotional raises) then he would still have been on a lot
  14. WEll hubby had meeting with HR today, and was basically told he had to accept it or take redundancy. He has had nothing in writing about the new job, or indeed been told what the redundancy package was as they wanted to know what route he wanted to take....we are not in a position for him to take redundancy or we w ill both be out of work shortly (mine was a choice thing though). So we have kind of accepted he will be getting a pay cut... But my initial question is still my confusion about the notice period....as he is 49, how many weeks should he receive of notice before the change is m
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