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  1. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. The problem with my previous employer is pretty horrendous to be honest, and relates to a long drawn out series of bullying which really amounted to organisational bullying i.e. a certain incorrect attitude about me which seemed to spread. This culminated in my eventual transfer (which I had to fight for and was told that I must return to the office in which the bullying occured before I could transfer). In my new office, I faced a discliplinary for something I did not do (I cannot divulge the nature of this), but was told by HR if I stuck it out and went through the process that I would not lose my job. I was not suspended during investiagtion either, they just transfered me again to another office. However, this all became too much for me, and I resigned. My employment tribunal was for constructive dismissal, which didnt go anywhere because of a time issue (I was out of time by about 5 months). The tribunal cannot publish the result because of a false accusation made by the barrister, which is quite serious and I currently have a complaint in regarding this. I believe that my present employers attitude to me has transferred from my previous employer, now that I find out there have been emails and telephone calls between each employer. My medical history is admittably pretty bad in my last employment, due to a series of ENT medical problems, operations, and stress induced mainly by the bullying. My sick in my present employer is alot better, however they tried to give me a warning for having one day over their policy of 4 occasions or 9 days in a running year. Not sure where to go really, as even the employment tribunal seems like a dead end, and even though I hadnt initially gone to my union rep regarding my personal file, my present employer have contacted him and actually said that they have given me all the information they can and have asked him to speak to me. Caz
  2. hello HB Thanks for your reply. I am based in N.Ireland, so ACAS unfortunately doesnt apply to me over here. There is a strange situation with my two employers, in that employee's of my previous employer used to be 'civil servants', which is my current employer. However this changed before my appointment to my previous employer, and I was directly employed by my previous employer and not a civil servant. I understand that there may have been some confusion surrounding this by personel, but cannot understand it as I clearly resigned from my previous employer and did an interview to get my present job! They have acknowledged this in a letter to me, but deny that they requested background medical information, which quite clearly they did. It feels a bit like an invasion of privacy when you discover emails and telephone calls have been made to your previous employer asking about your medical background. I am meeting with my union rep, though to be honest it seems like he is just trying to calm things down, and not really interested. I am not sure where to go from here, and feel like my present employer think i am some kind of trouble maker as they have kept these things on my file. Caz
  3. Hello, Can someone please advise me if it is acceptable for my current employer to hold a newspaper cutting of an article regarding an employment tribunal in relation to my previous employer? Following a subject access request for my personal file, I discovered that my present employer have kept this newspaper cutting on my file. They are saying that if anythign is deemed relevant to my present employment they will keep it on file. I have informed them that some contents of the newspaper article are inaccurate (due to inaccurate statements made by the representative for my previous employer at the tribunal hearing). Also, I discovered that my present employer had contacted my previous employer by email and telephone requesting 'background notes and papers' on my medical history as they were 'considering my sick record'. Is this acceptable? I have written to my personal department and asked why they did this, and they have said that my sick record from my previous employer would transfer over, they deny requesting background medical information, even though I have it in writing in the form of an email. I did not transfer between departments or anything like that, and I did an interview and aptitude test for my present job, and resigned from my previous employment, therefore I do not see how and why they can transfer my medical history from as far back as 2001. I would really appreciate if someone could advise me on this? Many thanks Caz
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