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  1. Hi I went to this ELS the Sunday before the bank holiday, my mother saw two sofas a 3 and 2 seater, the price was astonishingly cheap, I checked it and it seemed really well made so I put down half the money. After I paid the salesman then said it will take at least three months to deliver. So yesterday I decided to look at the website which does not work, so I phoned the number off the internet (NO ANSWER) I then tried two other numbers and guess what (NO ANSWER) I am now extremely worried as I had a problem with a sofa firm many years ago and they were called "BROTHERS FURNITURE" and went bust and I lost all the money. I am going to see them later after work, I did pay the money by credit card so I should be alright I hope. After looking at the there terms and conditions I have noticed a lot of spelling mistakes which makes me feel even more that they are a bunch of crooks. I have not seen one positive review concerning ELS and hope that no one else falls into there grasp. Thank you for informing me of this firm which I hope will never have to deal with again.
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