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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, I should have read the fine print!!
  2. Thanks so much, didn't realise that. Much appreciated!!! T
  3. Hi, I've just switched electricity supplier and they debited my bank account for the monthly payment on the same day I switched over to them. As I was expecting to pay a month in arrears this has left me short of cash. Is it normal for them to do that? Doesn't seem right. T
  4. Can anyone give me some advice about this please?
  5. Sorry for the late reply, no I don't know who it was sold to. Would knowing that be useful? Yes, it's from the letter I send back in February.
  6. The estate agent put my property on the market on 26 June at £79,950 Then continually reduced it as follows: 2 August - £72,500 31 August - 65,000 21 Sept - Sold at £62,000 Does the above seem reasonable? I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I'm going through the information. Do you know how long I have to dispute the selling price?
  8. I now have all the info from the SAR. What should I do now?
  9. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you so much for posting the text of the letter. It's much appreciated, I'll get it sent off recorded. Thanks Tez
  10. Thanks Andy, just tried it again but I still can't access it.
  11. Hi, I've only got access to a printer at the library and the link to that document is blocked for some reason. Can you either post another link or I could message you with my email and you could email me a copy, if that would be OK? Thanks
  12. Thank you very much. I will get that sent off.
  13. Hi, here's the breakdown from the house sale following repossession: GROSS SALE AMOUNT £62,000.00 LESS ASSET MANAGER, SOLICITORS AND EPC FEES -£2,040.92 REDEMPTION MONIES RECVD FROM SOLICITOR £59,959.08 BALANCE ON ACCT BEFORE SALE -£51,034.12 SURPLUS ON ACCOUNT £8,924.96 SETTLEMENT OF 3rd Party EQUITY LOAN -£8,075.40 (@ 9.39% Value of Property (£86,000) Loan taken out August 2010 Property Valued at £80,000) AMOUNT DUE £849.56 (I actually received a cheque for only £796.33!) The house was put on the market for about £76K (may have been £74K or £78K not 100% sure). Anyways it sold for a lot less, £62K. The Nationwide kept reducing the price every 4 weeks or so by about 4K. I was clobbered by the 3rd party Loan as they calculated what I owed them based on a valuation of £86,000! It was valued at £80,000 in 2010. So, my three questions are: 1) Do I have any grounds to appeal the price the Nationwide sold it for? If so what do I do next? 2) Should I challenge the 3 Parties calculation of the valuation? 3) Should I do both? Many Thanks in Advance, T
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up being evicted, as soon as I know what the property sold for and all the additional costs I've incurred I'll post a reply.
  15. Thanks for all the advice. I'm on my phone replying, so can't cut and paste. A bit more info: The 58k outstanding amount I owe on the property is comprised: 50k to Nationwide, (which includes the 4.5k arrears) and 8k legal charge to a company that provided a loan for property improvements. Re: The market value. I have had different valuations from the two estate agents I've used. The first one had me put it on the market at £79k the second one at £84k. It's been on the market with the second estate agent for about 6 weeks and I've regularly reduced the price down to the current one of £74k. My head is in a spin with it all I feel I should at least submit a N244 to the court to stop the eviction and attend court to put my case for renting out the property.
  16. Hi, sorry wasn't clear in my last reply. CAB are suggesting to just allow repossession and then see what funds I have left.
  17. Hi, the arrears are £4500. Not sure about the answer to your second question. I cant make any payments at all Im on ESA. After talking to CAB, they are suggesting I just see what funds I have after the sale, if any. And then file either for bankruptcy or an IVA, if that's what its called. I have total debts of about £16000. I do have a rental property to move into btw.
  18. Hi, The bailiffs are coming to re-possess my home next Tuesday. I owe £58,000 on the mortgage and the house is worth roughly at least £74,000. Someone that offered to buy it awhile back may be interested in buying it from me but only for £64,000. If I just let the bank re-possess it, are they allowed to sell it for less than £64,000? I did read somewhere that they have to sell it for a reasonable price around about the market price. I also have someone that would rent it, but apparently, as I owe arrears, I couldn't rent it out until the arrears are paid. Is that a legal requirement? I'm just not sure of the best course of action. Any advice will be really appreciated. Thanks Terry
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