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  1. Thanks for the reply, I dont know about the whole of the UK but I have seen and heard English Fire Services provide the service of Free Smoke Alarms, I believe it funded through the taxation system with the main stream of tax which funds the service would be your council tax, as I know that our Fire Service Free Smoke Alarm Service is funded through the council tax system and there are no catches what so ever, all they do is a fire safety officer will visit your home and give it a free fire safety assessment and then will see if it necessary to fit the smoke alarm(s) and then will arrange a time for installing the detector(s). I hope this helps.
  2. I believe also if its not broken dont fix it but if you have that thought all the time you will never be progressive in life, I believe that in the future that when forums are upgraded their should be more through beta testing and I am not just talking forums but even websites, the feedback and testing of any site is crucial to prevent any niggles in future as I am a computer networking professional and we have beta testing drilled into us before putting a better system in place, I mean what really angers with me is the Windows Operating systems are plagued with errors but Linux Operating systems are near perfect as time and effort is put in to make the system stable. I mean what really angers me is that when you call up customer services and they say "ooh the computer just crashed their is error we cannot fix it can you call me back" when I have just spent over 5 minuties of the greedy 0870 phone number and they turn around and tell me that, I mean you bought the system and you must of known it was not stable and I just feel sorry for some customer service personell who have foul language throwen to them when there own employers lacks in their due diligence in there own systems, no wonder we consumers feel crap at the end of the day and we move supplier who have at least have tested their system properly.
  3. I think the best course of action is to see a solicitor or even citizens advice bureau for help.
  4. Where I live our local ASDA Self Service Petrol Station has been rated as the Cheapest in the whole of the UK, But my family prefer to go to Morrison's where you get a card called "Morrison's Miles" which when we buy fuel you get money to use in their supermarket for shopping and they CAN be used along with other Special offers so it has saved my family over £30 in the store on Food.
  5. In Scotland where I live they provide smoke alarms for free and if your lucky to live in a House Association Home they sometimes install Mains fed Wireless networked Smoke Alarms which if the down stairs alarm sets off it then sets all the alarms off in the house which is really good, I have also heard but cannot confirm it but some Fire and Rescue Services are installing Fire Angel branded ones which is great quality.
  6. Thanks sequenci for replying so quickly to my post, I dont get any error messages but when I try and access a resource in the library section it just tells me I need to register to see more which I obviously have done and still cannot get access to the library as when I then click onto the resource i am then presented with the log in screen which when I log in it then diverts me to the main forum which I dont want. So I hope thats any help.
  7. Hello all I am new i am 20 and from Scotland and I find this forum great fun and a great resource. But when I was browsing the forum and there seems to be a bit of problem which I would love your help on. I am been trying to get into the Consumer action library and I have not been able to access it even thou I am registered, so if anyone could help please. Thanks
  8. The engineer told me that I was not allowed to use any of the recliners as it would exasperate the problem. Basicaly I know have two sofas that can not be reclined and have been informed that the engineer is picking up the ends of the 2 and 3 seater sofa suite and they will be away for approximately 3 weeks. As far as the engineer is concerned we will still have the other bits of the sofa which we are suppost to sit on. I have allready informed the company that I purchased the sofas from and they are not taking any responsibility. It has all been passed to the engineer. I have now contacted my credit card company and sent a Section 75 refund demand letter
  9. Can someone help me please. I purchase 2 recliner sofa online in May this year. Both of them have developed a fault. There was no guard protectors on the recliner bit and the leather has ripped. I contacted the retailer who told me he would send an engineer. They arrived last Thursday and said that they could be fixed. Today I have received the report and they have informed me they are taking the ends of the sofas away next week to be fixed. I am not happy with this as How can I be guaranteed the same colour of leather will be the same or match. I have asked for my money back as the purchase is not fit for use as I have been told by the engineer that I can't use the recliners. Can I claim under section 75 of my credit card? Can you please give me advise urgently as I am desperate.
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