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  1. So I would be better off to just ignore it completely? Would appealing do more harm than good (ie effectively admitting I was using the car and where I was parked)?
  2. I recently got a parking ticket from CP Plus for parking at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow. I parked on a small stretch of road which lead into one of the carparks, which had double yellow lines along it, with the exception of one area in the middle just slightly longer than a car length, which looked like it had been newly tarmacked, hence the broken yellow lines. It was within this space which I parked. Outwith the broken lines, I must also say the condition of the lines either side were terrible. I took photos when I got back to my car of my car in the space, then the empty space showing cl
  3. Good to know about the CCTV, thanks. I don't mind engaging in written correspondence with them and it doesn't bother me what they come back and say as I know that's exactly what they're trying to do.
  4. Thanks very much for that havinastella. Is this something you or someone you know has used before? Do you know what kind of response (if any) they / you got? Does anyone know if I am right with the credit rating thing?
  5. What should I be dong in the meantime. Should I be making any sort of response to this? Unlikely, but if they were to prove it was me who was driving via the service station CCTV would this mean they could do something about it? Lastly, I'm going to be applying for a mortgage in a month or so's time, so don't want to damage my credit rating in any way. Would this hanging over me affect it in anyway. From what I've seen elsewhere it looks like parking fines / charges have nothing to do with your credit rating so I suspect not, however what happens if it goes to court or something like that, i
  6. Thanks for the reply renegadeimp Why is that the case in Scotland?
  7. I received a Charge Notice from CP Plus yesterday for parking in the Stirling MOTO Services (just off the M9) for 7 hours and 39 minutes. It advises that you are only allowed to park for 2 hours free of charge before parking charges apply which you are supposed pay for by phone on the day. The charge is for £100 however if I pay within 14 days they will accept £60 (how generous). Also it advises if payment is not received within 28 days an initial debt collection charge of £40 will be incurred. Unfortunately I didn't see any signs advising of this otherwise I wouldn't have parked ther
  8. Lee Not had a call from anyone all week in your absence. Another failing to add to the growing list of failures in this sorry affair. Getting really REALLY annoyed now! Give me a call on Monday on your return to sort this out. If it cant be sorted out on Monday im going to need to take this further because it is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  9. I will do. Here's a question though, if in my opinion a satisfactory resolution isn't found going through all the vodafone channels who do I go to? Would it be ofcom? Obviously a long way off that at the moment but just curious.
  10. Original laptop model was an Acer Aspire 4741. According to Lee it could be 2 weeks possibly, he doesnt know, says they have a laptop stock problem at the moment so hes not able to advise exactly when i will get one. If i wait until the 5th to hear from him again though we are 8 weeks down the line from when i originally handed the laptop in. I dont find it acceptable that 2 months down the line i could still not have a solution to the problem.
  11. Alright guys, need your advice again. Theres not been any movement since the last time. There have been various calls from the store and Lee about how they are trying to source a replacement laptop and getting nowhere but thats not really helping me. Been told that i will get a call back on 5th Nov, so 8 weeks after handing in the faulty laptop, to update me. Im at a loss as to what i can do to push things along. Do i just need to wait until they provide a solution or is there anything i can do reach one sooner?
  12. Took my replacement "laptop" back to the store i picked it up from to hand it back. Wasnt a good start as i had to wait 50 minutes before being served!! Waited 20 minutes the previous night when picking it up so theres an obvious staffing issue but hey thats another matter. The his credit the guy who eventually served me was pretty good, i explained everything to him, he agreed the replacement was well below spec compared to what i previously had. They tooky the netbook back and advised that i should hear today what is happening and that it could take 5 - 6 days to get another laptop. One thin
  13. Well.... very disappointed! Lee called yesterday to check that I had been informed that my replacement laptop had been delivered to the store on 05/10/2012, which i hadnt, just as well Lee phoned because it doesnt seem like anyone else was going to. Went in to pick it up last night and im definetly not happy with what I've been given. For starters I handed in a laptop and have been handed back a netbook, the spec of which is way below what i had and what i paid good money for. Will be taking it back tonight to hand it back and tell them i'm not accepting it. Unbelievable that they co
  14. Hi All! Just a wee update on what has happened since i last posted for anyone thats interested. Gave DX's suggestion a try but the HD wasnt making any noise what so ever so i think it was completely dead. Took it to my nearesst Vodafone store on 16th September to get it sent away for repair. At the time they told me it typically takes 5-10 working days for this process. Lee has kept in touch with me, calling during the first week to ask if i had had an update, then calling in the second week to give me an update. He told me that unfortunately they are unable to replace/repair the par
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