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  1. I've reported to the bbc watchdog website too. Hopefully if they get enough reports they will see how many people have been affected and investigate further. I also pointed them to this forum, so they can see the long history of problems people have had.
  2. Posted on the front door of the Birmingham Camp Hill store: In receivership: All enquiries Sharma & Co 257 Hagley Road Birmingham 01214542700 recover at sharmaandco dot com Also posted in several places across the Birmingham store: 'Harvey's: Happy to Help'
  3. I rang Sharma & Co today (my receipt says Leather Lords rather than ELS), and spoke to Ian Evans who is dealing with them. Just to repeat the phone no. it's 01214542700. He said that the company will likely go into liquidation shortly, and that there will be a Creditors meeting, I think later this month. My hope is to get some written proof when they go into liquidation, then use this to support a visa debit claim. Although it may not be essential. I guess people who have ELS on their receipts will get something following the court proceedings on 20th Sept? Re. trading standards, yes I'm afraid I did get a fairly generic reply. They said that they will post details of the liquidator on their website and added some general information about making a claim. There was no mention of action being taken against the company. Having said this I'm sure the more complaints they get from people, the more chance there is of them taking some action. They have to be told that there are a lot of very angry customers, and that this has been going on for a long time. If they don't act, then this needs to be passed on to the media. As a general comment, I've had several difficulties (all but this one eventually resolved) recently with paying up front for goods and waiting for delivery. Not to mention other service providers who take your direct debit details, inevitably mess up or over charge, then hide from complaints and queries behind call centres. I'm very wary of ever doing this again. Despite (or maybe because of) the recession, more than half of the companies I've dealt with seem to treat customer service as a very low priority once they've got my money. Most examples are not as extreme as ELS, but it still makes buying large items a stressful and wearing experience. And all this in spite of all of the endless irritating surveys and satisfaction forms we end up with
  4. Just to repeat a couple of suggestions that were made by people earlier in this thread in case anyone hasn't seen these: If you believe that you may have been a victim of fraud, you can report your experience to: double u double u double dot actionfraud dot org dot uk (sorry, I'm a new poster, can't do links) You can also report to the relevant council's trading standards dept: (Birmingham branch): double u double u double dot birmingham dot gov dot uk forward slash tradingstandards I have done both - the forms are pretty quick to fill out I also found the info pages on actionfraud very clear.
  5. Daft isn't it.. I'm sitting on a wooden chair right now (no sofa for the last 9 weeks... ) and yes before that it was deck chairs... agh! I called my bank (Barclays) twice. First attempt they were a bit awkward and insisted on written proof of liquidation. I got some advice from consumer direct and they suggested I call back. Second attempt they seemed to accept that since the goods were already late there was a legitimate dispute, so they raised a claim. I'm waiting for a 'disclaimer' form to come through, and will probably have to send them some written proof that either I've contacted the company or the company are in liquidation. I'm writing recorded delivery to both ELS (this will come back undelivered) and the liquidator, Sharma & Co.
  6. Sorry to hear you're also in this situation. Did you use visa debit or maestro/switch? If it's visa debit, you can raise a 'chargeback' claim with your bank, which might be the best route for getting your money back.
  7. Thank you, this information is really useful for making a visa debit chargeback claim. I will contact them to get confirmation in writing. Hopefully in due course the liquidator will be able to return money to people who paid cash or cheque; fingers crossed for this.
  8. I have logged a complaint with action fraud too.
  9. This is awful Yesterday I exchanged numbers with another disappointed customer at the B'ham branch. He suggested there might be some possibility of taking legal action against the people who run/ran the company if a case could be established. From reading through some of the previous posts ELS clearly have a long history of dissatisfied customers. I wonder if there is enough information available about their business practices to put a case together.
  10. I'm really sorry to see you've been waiting for your sofa too. I hope you can get a credit card refund. I don't know how long these things take to get sorted out - hope it doesn't take too long. I've had some bad experiences lately with furniture delivery, but this is by far the worst. Next purchase I won't pay a penny or sign anything till I know I've got exactly what I want. I can't believe that a company can carry on the way ELS have for so long.
  11. My order was with the Camp Hill one, and that's the one that I found was shut down today. Unfortunately I also called the Cannock store a few times today and got no response - and from what the staff next door to the Camp Hill store said, I think the whole company has gone under
  12. Think this is a 'documents received' entry for the annual accounts for the Cannock based store (although to be honest I'm new to searching London Gazette). Will give them a call tomorrow... Dave
  13. I'm very sorry indeed to have found this thread so late I ordered two sofas from the Birmingham store on July 4th, and paid up front by visa debit (which I now understand is not very wise). I was told delivery would be likely in 4 weeks, 6 at the outside, and that I would get a call the next day to confirm. Almost as soon as I had paid, at the back of my mind I started to think that maybe I might have picked the wrong company to give my money to. Over the last 9 weeks I have (from time to time) phoned the store and politely chased the order. Finally, I was told last week that today would be delivery day. After trying unsuccessfully all of today to try to confirm the delivery would be coming, I went to the store, which was shut. Staff at a nearby shop told me that they had cleared out last week - I guess shortly after my last phone conversation I was told some other things about the firm's situation that I won't repeat here. I was absolutely horrified. I've since found out that it is actually possible to make a 'chargeback' claim with visa debit, which may get my money back. I'm going to keep track of the London Gazette and will post details about what has happened to the firm here. Hopefully not too many people will end up badly out of pocket in the end. In future I'll do my research before entering my pin... Dave
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