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  1. Unforunately I've not heard from Orange via these forums. As usual the phone support is useless. Guess I'll be doing a written letter of complaint then moving to o2 or Vodafone.
  2. Thanks ever so much, got the thread now. Relieved to find others with the exact same problems.
  3. So exactly the same problem as me, should I be creating a new thread too? (I replied in the same previous thread)
  4. Andy, I'm having the exact same problem and I'm getting quite frustrated. Topped up 25th August, before the free bundle of 300 texts ran out for that month. They wern't applied by Friday 27th as I noticed the balance was down, called on the 27th was told I'd be refunded and the bundle applied within 24 hours. Still wern't on by Friday 3rd, called again and was told 2-24 hours. Nothing by Monday morning (today 6th), called and was told it would be done in 2 hours. Called again 3 hours later and was told it would take 3-5 working days. Called again and was told he was emailing the bill
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