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  1. Many thanks for your help Erika, I want to rate you, but cannot see the star at the bottom of your message? I hope you don't mind me asking for clarification on a few points. When you say that the onus is on them, do you know how they actually do that? They don't use the original letter as proof do they? That's what they sent me when I asked for proof, but that doesn't prove that the debt hasn't been paid since. If I defend myself and lose, would I then recieve a CCJ and be liable for court costs? I know I have paid this debt, but my concern is actually provin
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first post! I am having a total nightmare with the DWP and I am hoping someone, anyone can help. I have read enough of this forum to know that Erica is a bit of a guru so fingers crossed she will look my way. It is a little long winded and pretty complex, so bear with me if it seems I am going on a bit. I don’t think anyone can help without knowing all the details. I have done a fair amount of research already, so I know any debt with the DWP will have to be paid regardless of the limitation act. They have also politely informed me that they will simply wait fo
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