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  1. Ok however surely if the Letting Agent wants to take vacant possession than I am no longer the tenant and as such should not have to pay rent. Are there any obligations for Land Lords to re rent the property ? What are my options re trying to get a tenant to take on the notice period ? Is there any way to not have to pay two full months rent for a property I will not be living in ?
  2. I recently handed in my notice to my Letting agent saying I was leaving as per the terms of the tenancy agreement - two month notice - however I stated I would be vacating the property earlier. The LA responded immediately in writing stating they would be taking vacant possession on the 25th Sept - 1 month and 13 days before my notice period ends - this was fine with me as I was leaving the property on the 22nd of September and it would have remained empty before notice period as up on November 7th. Now verbally the LA has stated that the Landlord is unsure if he wants to re let the prope
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