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  1. Bro, they are receiving loads of similar letters every week! Remember the weekends get in the way too.
  2. This is not a book of condolence. Overly sensitive, much?
  3. I guess she didn't like Mondays either...
  4. Merely that you demonstrated little knowledge of courts and even less of revenue protection.
  5. What is it you want them to do exactly? Or more to the point, what is it you want to be able to make them do?
  6. Absolutely It's probably something to do with presenting it personally- perhaps thus implying permission. Whoop whoop this is tha sound of the bank
  7. And start job hunting; you must be pretty well qualified.
  8. Indeed, Shannondore speaks wisely. It is the first step towards writing a boook these days- the positive side of social networking, eh!!!
  9. I'm not sure I'd trust anyone who was both an Elvis and Man U fan
  10. It's because Pusillanimous is really Larry's lawyer LOL
  11. Good practice for the rest of your life I would have thought.. Yo, representin.
  12. ...i bet it's not a final thought lol...
  13. Ah- if it really is on someone else's behalf of course
  14. Not when someone, as in this case, has made a SD to that effect already; whilst not an oath, it is still perjurious.
  15. Are you serious? And are you seriously here to actually help people???
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