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  1. thanks for advice.

    I am under doctor at the moment and awaiting another appt wed, I also live with my ex.

    Its not an ideal situation as he refuses to work, hides my post and generally tries to get me into trouble whenever he can.

    This is what happened in my previous property which led to eviction, i went to the council then but they couldnt help me as they said i was intentionally homeless and gave me tel number of private landlords. I had to beg the deposit from my ex in laws, but it came with conditons i took their son with me - hence my situation.


    But i will take your advice and keep looking to see whatever i can get asap, failing that i will have to give up my employment, which i dont want to do, but i just cannot afford carry on.

  2. Hi

    i dont know if im in the right area here, but ill give it a try in the hope someone can offer advice.


    Im currently living in private rent, have been here since oct last year and my contract is due to end on 7th oct this year.

    Its an onging thing so i can stay on a month to month basis after that date.


    When i moved here i was unemployed, having just lost my previous house because of rent arrears. I have a daughter and this was the first one that came up - so i took it.


    In feb this year i started work to get me back on track, i have no rent arrears here at all.


    The problem is, i work 12 miles away from here and now my daughter is starting high school sept. As my job is full time i have put her in a high school that is about 10 mins from where i work.

    I really need to move nearer work and school, it would benefit me anyhow as i would be able to work and could get rid of the car.


    At the moment its costing me around £125 a month in petrol, my rent is £430 a month (after housing benefit this is what i have to pay). I obviously have arrears from my old place of which the bulk is council tax of £100 a month plus anothother £50 a month because when i started work the changover threw up an overpayment of c/tax benefit), plus i have this years council tax which is £126 month.


    On top of all that there is the usual utilities, school lunches, clothing/uniform etc etc - im sure you know.


    Iv been on the council housing list for 3 years now but im in a band 4 (no housing need), I did go to see the housing options team 2 weeks ago to explain my situation, and the lady said they would look at getting me moved up a band - i havent heard anything!


    I have a deposit tied up in this house of £500.


    I cannot find a rental through an agents - some dont accept children or a dog. They want to run a credit check for a fee (which i wont pass, so my money will go un-refunded).

    I cant afford to pull out another deposit of £500 and i wont get this one back until i move!


    There are no private landlords around here (i cant find any) and even if there were, again i cant afford the deposit.


    The agency that im with at the moment were given to me by the housing options team last year and they dont have any properties available that is within my price range, they are all way too expensive.


    Would anyone be able to advise me on my rights or what i can do or what the council can do. Whenever i go there they seem to fob me off, and im not sure what my rights are or what buttons are best to press.


    My daughter will be starting school next week, the only option i have is to take a late lunch and collect her and take her back to work with me, This could result in my job going and i dont want to lose it before i have found a more suitable one that would allow me to work less hours.


    Many thanks

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