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  1. Hi All I am after a little bit of advice re. a claim I put in for PPI mis-selling on my Natwest Credit Card. I initially cancelled my policy and made a claim back in 2009, this was rejected outright (my letter was dated 16/12/2008, their Final Response letter was dated 01/01/2009 (New Years Day!!) 17 days including posting, an Xmas Holiday thrown in as well - pretty quick investigation if you ask me). After reading many success stories on here and in light of the court ruling back in 2011 I decided to re-open my complaint and filled in the new questionaire and posted
  2. Thanks for this, I thought it might be ......... let me know how you get on
  3. Thanks for coming back so quickly. I don't have any statements going back that far, I think I will do a SAR and get a better picture of where things stand. I will send both letters first thing Monday morning, one for the SAR and one to challenge their rejection. I will be back just as soon as I have an update. Thanks again
  4. Hi Everyone, I am after a little bit of advice after receiving a letter this morning where Lloyds TSB have rejected my PPI claim, details of the letter as follows: Lloyds PPI Rejection Letter.pdf Is this a standard response? Should I do a SAR and get a copy of my application form, although it does goes back to the 90's? Do I complain back to Lloyds or straight to the FSA? Has anyone else been successful after an initial rejection? My initial application was made via a leaflet through the post, but a few years ago the TSB altered their cards to have a joint Amex / M
  5. Hi The Mould, Thanks for your help so far, I have recieved a copy of the other parties AQ which states they are not interested in having a month to settle the case, they also estimate it will last for 1 day with costs of almost £8k!!! and they say there is no pre-action protocols to follow - surely there must be something?Is this normal?
  6. Hi the Mould, I have sent you a PM with a few details on. Thanks Deep In The Do Do
  7. Hi The Mould, thanks for replying What is the date on your AQ - It has to be returned by the 20th November You cannot re-submit your initial defence, in your holding defence (your ED) did you request that the Court grant you permission to file an amended fully particularized defence? Yes, I did ask Defence as follows: The claimants particulars of claim are vague and fail to disclose any cause of action ...... Failure to comply with my s.78 (CCA1974) request - Since reveived a copy of my application form Failure to comply with DPA1998 by sending sensitive data when
  8. Hi Mould, Thanks for replying. I submitted my defence at the end of September, received a letter a few days later to which I replied straight away to MBNA's solicitors - I have chased them for a reply 3 times and they haven't said a word, basically they asked for a settlement / payment proposal, I stuck to my guns and offered what I originally offered. I also went into great details as to how they have ignored my CPR requests, only sent an application form in respect of my CCA request (already posted this see # 32). They also disclosed personal correspondence to an unreleated 3rd party,
  9. Hi All, Today I received paperwork in response to my SAR request, nothing more than a few screen dumps and a copy of my application form, very basic stuff. I also received a letter from the court asking me to complete an Allocation Questionaire? should I be filing another, more comprehensive defence? I have had 1 letter from the DCA/solicitor asking my for a payment proposal since I filed my defence which was dated the 1st October, I replied in length with all their errors etc - to date they have ignored 3 requests for a reply - what else can I do? I would appreciate your h
  10. Hiya, Sorry I need to be in bed by midnight or I turn into a Pumpkin The form is quite hard to read but if you blow it up 1000000% you can just about make it out. They offered what was roughly a 15% discount on the value as a F&F - I replied saying I could not afford that much but my parents have offered to loan me a figure closer to 50%, they rejected this. Sorry misread the PPI - I just saw a tick - It got my post count up though I will be back later tonight - another training day
  11. Just read all my posts - hope I haven't scared you off Look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Here we go, hopefully they work ....... me being a novice at this http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i389/deep_in_the_do_do/Restons_MBNA0002_Mod.jpg http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i389/deep_in_the_do_do/Restons_MBNA0003.jpg http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i389/deep_in_the_do_do/Restons_MBNA0004.jpg http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i389/deep_in_the_do_do/Restons_MBNA0005.jpg http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i389/deep_in_the_do_do/Restons_MBNA0006.jpg This is what has been sent in response to my CCA request and my CPR 31.14 request - what are the implications w
  13. Now that they have sent me the Application Form with my signature on, what happens next, I understand that you can't really fight your corner and get them to drop proceedings on this alone. Before they issued the CCJ proceedings I tried to negotiate a repayment plan and maintained my payments but they refused my offers point blank. Despite asking for a figure from them they never offered one - I know you said in Post 15 not to contact the Solicitors to discuss a Settlement, I feel like telling them I have made my offer and then asking what they want from me - but I won't - but if all this fail
  14. I noticed on the Application Form that I had ticked the PPI box, should the worst happen what are my chances of reclaiming seeing as I ticked the box. Not going down this route yet for obvious reasons, but it's getting my post count up
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