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  1. judgement order against citi came through post today now which frame to use
  2. if there is debt outstanding there is little point going for the set aside as they can just take out another ccj far easier if the debt is cleared did you enter a plea first time did you get a default notice....
  3. believed it "could be" £8 rather than believed it was he probably set the figure to finish it quickly
  4. judge seemed to have handled a number of these cases, he went through the points quickly, said he could believe costs to banks were c£8, was not happy citi would not share the data behind there figure of £12 said the burden of proof was theirs to show the figure of £12 not mine as I am not privvy to their accounts anyway he set a figure of £8 for the charges and i get the difference, in essence i get 2/3s of the claim from start to finish citi hired an outside barrister to plead the case, polite and friendly, not au fait with these cases, though will be checking her accounts..
  5. hi in court monday afternoon with citi think im ready... any advice
  6. i can send you a blank CCA doesnt mean anything they need to produce a copy of the signed agreement do not sign what they send you
  7. deathshead

    Egg Card Misuse

    the implication here is that your card was cloned at the machine and your pin comprimised, if you can remember which machine it was I would guess the police would have some record of any dodgy dealings on it by now if you used the card abroad it would help your case
  8. pretty much a cut n paste egg response on here ordered to pay "assessed costs" would consider it small claims tbh
  9. later disagreeing with the amount originally claimed is also valid grounds more annoyed at the costs side of things charged to me well over 1k for what must have been a 15 minute hearing
  10. no didnt not already set aside was an application to do so will probably write to the court and argue my case again
  11. after some advice applied for a ccj set aside on grounds of no longer agreeing with balance due to charges etc was unable to attend date set and wrote to court explaining this ruled against me in absence and ordered to pay claimants court charges to boot any room for manoeuvre here do you think
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