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  1. I have had to email again a different email address. They said that I am entitled to a refund 'when they get to my email they will respond' - but I do not trust them. Anything else that I can do?
  2. What should I say to them, I dont want to do the course with them anymore. They are untrustworthy
  3. I've asked them to cancel, yesterday, unable to ring yet as I'm working. Its the aqa board, it says on there you need it all to pass the a level. I got this in an email. How can they say they dont know the dates. But yet jts been running from September. Looking at all the other reviews its just bad. I dont trust them and want to get out now I can. I have voice recordings of them saying the practicals are up and running. I have evidence of this. Any advice? See what the woman said about practicals below. "Thank you for your email. We require the completed booking form along with a copy of your passport/driving license and a recent headshot as we send these to the exam centre. Unfortunately we haven’t been told what the practical dates will be, once we send your booking over to the exam centre they will contact you about your science practical endorsements."
  4. I purchased over the phone. £1,300 by debit card £2,00 by credit card it says it in this link, assessment - practicals and exams. A Level Chemistry | Online A Level | Open Study College WWW.OPENSTUDYCOLLEGE.COM Boost your knowledge with this online A Level Chemistry course with Open Study College. Study from home at your own pace. Enrol today! ,
  5. I bought 3 A-levels and 2 have practicals. You can't pass the course without these practicals. I was told that practicals have started in September 2021. I have recorded conversation of them saying this. Now I have spent £3,000 they are now saying they do not have dates for these practicals. I only bought the course last Monday. In their terms and conditions it says this. Will I be allowed a refund? I think I should as I believe I was mislead on the this issue, almost conned under the consumer rights. It is a digital course, but I have not accessed all of it. I mean it is not possible as I only looked at it on Wednesday. Any advice please? "9.4 Once you have placed an order for one of our Courses, you may cancel the contract at any time within fourteen days (the “Cooling Off Period”). Where you have purchased a service, the Cooling Off Period shall run from the date on which we emailed you in order to confirm our acceptance of your order. Where you have purchased goods, the Cooling Off Period shall run from the day after you received the goods. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the fee paid in accordance with our refunds policy below. 9.5 The Cooling Off Period will not apply, and you will not receive a refund in relation to any of the Courses provided by OSC (including those which are provided in conjunction with any other organisation such as The EXP Group) where: (a) once the Services have been completed; (b) where you have logged into or accessed the Course; (c) where you have broken a security seal on any item sealed for health and protection purposes; (d) where you have broken a security seal on any item including sealed or audio video recordings or sealed computer software; or (e) any products which become mixed inseparably with other items after their delivery."
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