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  1. i am phoning trading standards in the morning, ill be getting the vehicle stored and sorned untill there is a outcome with any court case. I have already contacted fraud about any benefits he be be getting. Judst hopefully i end up eventually getting my £5000 back and hopefully he dont rip any1 else of in the future. His ebay account is no longer registered but he has not sold 3 cards he had for sale on there. 2 of whihc were mentioned CAT D and 1 that wasnt. But im sure he will be trying to trade in another ebay name so im keeping an eye out for them cars
  2. Hi, i would prefer not to give out his username on here if you dont mind. Ive just bought a item of his so i could leave a negative to warn other ebayers and ive noticed hes no longer a registered user! this is his previous feedback: BUYERS BEWARE . CON MAN, SELLS UNDECLARED WRITE OFFS .. TRADER BUT DENIES IT !!, What a really nice, genuine bloke! Top ebayer! A+++++ spot on will buy again top ebayer AAA+++ item was not described accurately. the car was an undeclared insurance write-off they are all private listings, i left the top feedback. so do you think i have got a strong case with trading standards, I have got the recorded phonecall msg of my friend pretending he is interested in another one of his rip off cars and he says hes a private seller but also states he sells regular to make a living due to been out of work. Thank you
  3. The V5 was in the previous sellers name. this seller has not registered the car under his name what so ever. I went to see the guy yesterday and he is just saying sold as seen and not budging. i have got it recorded him saying hes a private seller but also that he buys cars on a regular occasion to sell them to make a living as he is jobless. when the car was originally advertised on ebay i did not win the car. however i got a message saying the buyer was not legit and didnt want to buy. so i bought it. Yesterday i got in touch with this other buyer who did not buy it, he left a negative feedback saying the car was not as described! he is willing to confirm that the seller knw it was cat D when selling it.
  4. Yes its a private seller, my friend phoned the guy today to sound like hes interested in another 1 of his cars and he has confirmed hes a private seller.
  5. to record it on your mobile phone is free. depends what you actually want it for
  6. Hi there, if you were ringing from your mobile phone, look at the options on the screen and somewhere it may say record. My mobile phone is nearly 10 years old and i can record telephone conversations. It saved under your saved sounds. hope this helps.
  7. Hi there, a few days ago i bought a car. the car was advertised as excellent condition etc. i went to look at this car and ended up buying it for £5000. i was happy with the deal and signed the v5 document so i could be registered owner. in the meantime ive noticed this seller on ebay has started selling cat D cars so i thort i would run a HPi check on the car i have bought. yes i know i should have done it before!!! anyhow mine has came back Cat D. the next thing is the car on the V5 document says it belongs to lease plan. they have their own website http://www.leaseplan.co.uk. im going to contact them tomorow. he should not be able to have cars that is not registered under his name should he? i would have thought lease plan would have sold the car and filled the V5 document in. I have not contacted the seller as yet. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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