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  1. Hello Again, I spoke to The Tech Guys again earlier, Now I've been told the day I will be able to get my vouchers is Wednesday. It's getting pushed back all the time. It was requested last Saturday, picked up on Tuesday and I was told I'd get vouchers on Thursday. On Thursday I rang up and they said Friday, On Friday they said Monday, and now I've been told Wednesday. It's kinda getting ridiculous now :/ Jamie
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the Item was collected from my house and I did request a loan laptop. On the history sheet I was given It showed I requested one, and that one was despatched, however I didn't receive one, and my delivery papers confirm this. I would gladly give you a reference number if I had one, but I haven't received one. I've now been told it'll be tuesday until I get Vouchers. I feel like i'm getting a really bad service for something I pay 11.49 a month for! Thanks for your help aswell! Jamie
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    The Tech Guys

    Hey everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong category, it's regarding Tech guys, but I bought the laptop from a Currys store, I just thought the Tech Guys are emplyed by Pc World. Basically, I sent off my laptop for repair on the 16th of August. The motherboard died on me. I asked for a loan laptop, and was told one would be sent out, which it wasn't. I recieved it back on the 27th of August, as soon as I started it up, it refused to start. Which was why I sent it off, it was in the exact condition as I left it with...Faulty. I rang up the tech guys, explaining the problem, to whic
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