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  1. Thanks for replying so quick. My daughter said she will check her records over the weekend.
  2. Hi dx100uk, My daughter received an email today from George Banco. I've uploaded it here for your advice and guidance please. Banco have admitted they cannot confirm that responsible checks were completed. This is great news! They have wiped £740.95 that my daughter has paid off the debt to date. They say £259.05 is remaining and have sent her an income and expenditure sheet to establish the amount she can afford to pay towards that balance. They said they will remove any interest and charges from the agreement and will remove the loan from her credit file. I can't tell you how happy we are and how thankful and grateful for all your help. I am of the view that my daughter shouldn't have to pay another penny off the balance. Due to the irresponsible lending in the first place. What is your opinion please? Do you think we have a good chance of fighting this latest update? George Banco response letter to complaint (1).pdf
  3. My daughter said she put a payment plan in place after submitting her income and expenditure sheet. 10 a month towards the debt and 5 pound a month towards the arrears. I emailed Banco to ask if the interest is being stopped on this and that's when they told me that the interest is frozen. They also said a payment plan isn't in place because after checking my daughters sheet, she has no money left over to pay. A few times they have told me different things to what my daughter has said??!
  4. Do hope not. Shall my daughter not make any payments in the interim? While we wait for an outcome?
  5. The email wasn't very detailed. Banco said the interest is stopped. No further info. I don't have the portal details. I will look into it. When I questioned banco in the past how much interest is owing to date, they said they couldn't tell me until the end of the loan, when the original loan is paid off. I'm sorry, i don't understand your reply about the irl complaint hitting the outstanding balance hard ?
  6. Hi, just a bit of an update. My daughter put in an irresponsible lending complaint letter using the template dx100uk kindly supplied. checking both of our credit reports, we saw there were no hard or soft searches done by George Banco. They accepted me as guarantor without even checking!! I was so shocked. G. Banco acknowledged the letter of complaint saying they will respond up to 8 weeks and sent us their complaints procedure. Prior to this, my daughter sent George Banco an income and expenditure sheet and they wrote to my daughter saying that they have stopped the interest. Would anyone on here be able to tell me, should she keep making the monthly payments in the meantime or not?
  7. Hi Dx, thanks for your reply. I'll get with my daughter tomorrow and she will raise what u have suggested. One more question, shall she wait till she gets a letter of claim or can she raise it tomorrow? I know I'm impatient, just want to see an end to all the stress.
  8. Hi everyone, it's Massamum's sister here. Thanks so much for all your advice so far. I've had a few emails from George Banco asking me to get in touch because they want to 'help me'. I'm not sure how to respond. Do I wait for a Letter of Claim before responding? Will the Letter of Claim be called anything else so I can recognise it? Then how do I respond? Do I threaten them with going to the FCA with a complaint because default notices weren't sent to me or my daughter before they tried to take payment? Sorry, but what is an IRL complaint ? I believe my daughter has to make it, not me as the guarantor. Sorry for question after question! The worry of this is affecting my health and state of mind so any advice will be most gratefully appreciated.
  9. I've just been on the local council's website and all it said was the LHA for a 2 bedroom place is £290. Didn't specify if that was per week, month or year...not particularly forthcoming in information!! I had a further look around and noticed a link that said i can apply for housing benefit on top of the LHA so that is a route I think i will take. Again, thanks everyone for help and advice, Josephine x
  10. Thank you to everybody for taking the time to reply to me. Yes, worried 33 you are right, i have been put on LHA now but was on housing benefit at my old address. I haven't had a letter from the council yet but will ask them those two questions you suggested. Nystagmite, I will have a look at the LHA rates on the council website tonight. Caducea, Im amazed you only got £7.50 DHP per week! I know anything is a help but can't believe how little the extra amount is. Its kind of putting me off applying for it but know I have no choice but to. It feels so unfair to me. I was so pleased to finally be independent but now i have been put on LHA I really don't think I can afford to stay here. Does anybody know if I can appeal? Josephine x
  11. Hi, Im new here and hoping someone can give me some help and advice please. Ive been separated from my husband for over a year. Two weeks ago I moved house and live with my 7 year old daughter. I was told yesterday that my housing benefit will be £150 per month less than what I was receiving at my old house yet my incoming finances haven't changed at all. All the council said to me is that it is the changes in the government's rules due to my change of circumstances i.e. change of address, even though I was receiving housing benefit on a two bed place at my old address and I have moved into a two bed place at my new address!! I am really going to struggle with this cut in my housing benefit and will have to find £300 per month to put towards my rent although I am only on part time wages. The council said I can write in and ask about a discretionary housing payment. Has anybody had any luck with that? I would really appreciate some feedback at this worrying time. Thank you.
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