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  1. Thanks Paul. As it turns out, 1 phone call did the trick. I sent one payment towards the fees, and then phoned. Following the phone call, we received confirmation that the loan has been completely repaid. I guess we could always start the process to claim back that one payment, if we feel so inclined..... For now though, I consider this settled.
  2. Oh yes, freakyleaky, and I have been taking great pleasure in telling people we have sued HSBC (it feels so good saying that!), and I have many friends waiting in the wings to see if we were successful, who are now registering eagerly with CAG site. Lateralus, love the pink ;-) you've left me behind in the dark ages, still using characters to create a smiley!! Summary of things since my last post in March - no worries! Here goes: - After some thought, my husband signed DG's revised offer and we returned it to DG around 21 March. - Received it back along with a cover letter from
  3. Pipex have finally actioned this. I received a response to my letter, containing a profuse apology, and advising the account had not been closed due to a 'technical error' on their part, and I have been credit the amount they had over-billed, leaving a zero balance. I received this by way of a further invoice, which I was advised in their letter, was the final invoice. I will still follow up to ensure the account is now closed, as it did not state this on the invoice.
  4. Hi all, Have been offline for a while - so I have some updates, and....... time to move this thread to the wins area!! Following the revised offer from DG (see post #44) my other half preferred to accept, rather than drag it out for who knows how long. So we have just received a cheque payment for approx £4000, plus they are paying a further £550 to the debt collector (currently awaiting confirmation of this). This left about £400 short of the total claim submitted (including the 8%, court fees etc). In the mean time, we received a "Notice of Application" from the court, which would
  5. Right, having got as far as an offer from HSBC, I now need to turn my attention to blackhorse who have charged around £250 in late payment fees during the course of a 3-year loan (this was notified in writing at the time of incurring these charges). I have just made the last payment on the loan, and blackhorse now want me to pay up on the fees within 7 days to avoid 'further action' (that was 6 days ago!) Obviously I don't intend paying. I've therefore started to amend the Prelim letter to send them, but I assume the approach will need to be different than if I had paid and wanted to cl
  6. I sent them a letter today saying I acted on the advice of many of their customer service representatives - that the account would automatically be closed since the line rental account (rented separately - with BT) had been closed, and that I should cancel the direct debit. I stated my requirement was for them to action the request for account closure, effective from the date it should have been closed, and forward a cheque for re-imbursement of any overpayment, or I would submit a claim. Lets see what their response will be......
  7. Thanks for directing me to your new thread, Lateralus. At one point when phoning the court, they did mention something about the defendant having the option to apply for a stay if the defence was struck out, but she was very vague and couldn't confirm or give details. Now then, I have a 'General Form of Judgement or Order' from the court (an unless order) that HSBC must submit their AQ and clarifiy the status of the signatory to the defence by 4pm on 16th Feb 2007 (which court recently confirmed was not done, as per previous post). On this form is also the option for either party to app
  8. Lateralus, thanks for directing me here just as I was poised to submit a request for judgement! Definitely some food for thought.
  9. Just got back from some time away, and found 2 letters in the post - 1 from DG Solicitor asking whether we've considered their offer, and the other (dated the same date!) from the court confirming that the defendant has failed to 'clarify the status of the signatory to the defence' by the extended date. So their defence has actually, at last, been struck out! Lateralus - thanks for your previous advice. I'm glad I held out on the offer. I will now be submitting the 'Request for Judgement' form, as previously advised by Hagenuk. Sorry to sound ignorant, but given that the defence i
  10. Hi Sammy, how are you getting on - any progress yet?
  11. I sure am fed up with it, Lateralus! The good thing is, there is no timeframe specified for the offer to remain open, so I will keep it up my sleeve for now, and hope the court doesn't drag it out any longer in the mean time. Am I within my rights to stand firm on demanding all payment be made to me, and not to the debt collector agency? Also, I can't understand why they will not agree to pay the debit interest on charges, when this seems to be a standard claim, as per the spreadsheets used on this site. Is anyone else in this situation with DG, where they agree to pay the charges an
  12. I cancelled verbally (around 15 times!), although, they originally advised that because I had rented the line from BT, and had closed my BT account, that my Pipex account would close automatically, as the number no longer existed and the line was no longer connected at the property.
  13. We received a revised offer from DG last week after refusing their initial offer. They've agreed to backpay all charges from the date of first letter to HSBC, rather than from the date of MCOL submission. They've also agreed to pay most of it to us by cheque, but still pay around £500 directly to the debt collector agency - surely I can still debate this, on the basis that the debt is no longer owed to HSBC so they cannot dictate who to pay MY claim to? They still refuse to pay the overdraft interest on the charges, saying that this is our responsibility to pay overdraft interest at the
  14. Hi, I moved home in Oct 2006 and cancelled my Pipex account (I was well out of the initial contract period). They advised me they would close the account, and that I should cancel my Pipex direct debit. Since then Pipex have not closed my account, and they've sent debt collectors around to my previous address (after I advised them of my new address!). I have a log of every phone call I've made to them (probably in excess of 15 calls) asking why they haven't closed and continue to bill me. Every time they assure me it's just a delay in their billing cycle (more than 4 months?!) and the
  15. Sev, I understand the debt collector must send you a copy of their contract with 3 (as proof 3 have passed the 'debt' onto them), upon request. They cannot then demand payment until you have a copy of this. You can then dispute it - they also cannot demand payment whilst it is in dispute. That is the first step I would take.
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