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  1. Better today Questions correct: 9 / 10 You took 102 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 798
  2. I'm not fussed either way, I'm not offended if something's men only, and I wouldn't be bothered if men wanted to join in lol!
  3. My worst subject next to Maths And there was a trick question! A shrimp is not meat lol! Questions correct: 7 / 10 You took 119 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 581
  4. Janie, you still beat me on time PlayerAwardCorrectSecondsScore 1. Janie + 5 pts 597403 2. duckwaddler + 5 pts 6203397 3. Sparks_ + 4 pts 4101299 4. misslee + 4 pts 3156144 5. NanaOfAnAngel + 4 pts 289111
  5. Oh my God You can tell they were hard because the football question was easy Questions correct: 6 / 10 You took 203 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 397
  6. Lmfaooooo!!! Through my life I've had 5 phobias/fears, but one of those is fire/fireworks, which I'd say was a pretty normal fear anyway! The other 4 don't really affect my life, as it's not often I come across swimming pools with no water in but I do have to turn away if there's one on TV, and have only ever come across one face to face while on holiday, I thought I was going to collapse The high collar/anything round the neck thing doesn't affect me at all, as I just don't wear anything like that. The other is small people , I mean I'm not tall myself, I'm only 5ft, but I mean really small people - I'm not 100% certain where it came from, but I do think it came from a visit to a circus when I was about 3yrs old! That can be a difficult one, and I could slap myself round the face, as there is no way I could ever forgive myself if I were to offend anyone. One time I was in the supermarket, and there was a small lady, with her daughter who was also small - she asked my OH if he would reach something for her, I did my best to keep calm, and breathe slowly, but the shakes and sweating started pretty quick, I go pale as well, so my husband just told her I had a tummy virus. Thank God that's my only encounter up to now. But the last one I know for certain where it came from, and I have got much better - I have a fear of wings flapping round my head! When I was about 2yrs old (and I remember it like it was yesterday), I was in my pushchair, and a huge Rook swooped down and we think tried to grab the clips I had in my hair, it got it's talons caught up in my hair, and was flapping like a gooden - so my Mother and my Mothers Aunt decided to batter it with their handbags, but were also hitting me around the head Having all the birds come in our garden to be fed has helped a lot with that, although my skin does still prickle when a Crow or any Jackdaws swoop down!
  7. Nope that's just it - I never swam whatsoever because I had an ear condition from being a baby and had operations on my ears, so swimming was out of the question! Which makes it even more strange....
  8. Ims has posted it here too in video form, so you might get to see it http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?396049-This-might-make-you-chuckle....
  9. Someone must have told the lady with the pea phobia that giving birth was like shelling peas I have a very irrational fear of empty swimming pools, as in with no water in them, I have no clue where it could have come from either.
  10. It was a sound cloud audio clip BobCat, did you have your sound turned up?
  11. See!!!! Those in the most financially vulnerable positions are having all resources that help them apply their rights swiped from under their nose! I still say it's a form of social cleansing!
  12. See that's the thing about this country - they say you have human rights, freedom, free speech etc, but they're slowly but surely removing all ways to apply these rights, which in my opinion it may as well be a communist country!
  13. Omg I literally laughed out loud You owe me a new keyboard, my coffee spattered on it
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